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Observatories - Our Recently Acquired Knowledge

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Our Recently Acquired Knowledge by Observatories

Musical and visual artists inform, inspire and evolve through collaboration

Musicians Ian Hawgood and Craig Tattersall (together known as Observatories) go b2b with photographers Tereza Kozinc and Klavdij Sluban in the latest IIKKI books collaboration. Entitled 7 AM, the book of images aims to present a non-family album with the codes of a family album while the themes explored on (musical) album, Our Recently Acquired Knowledge, are a little more abstract, perhaps communication breakdown and awareness of self?

If you only listen to one track

Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself


the volume settings folder, Iyari



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Release date

19 Jan 2023


  1. Sapphire Waters
  2. Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself
  3. Our Recently Acquired Knowledge
  4. The Resistance Of
  5. Snow And Stars Danced Through The Night
  6. I’ve Lost Confidence In Words


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