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Victoria Wijeratne - Death Nature

Here's self-taught film and television composer Victoria Wijeratne with a new track called Death Nature (exploring the struggle for power after a breakup) made in conjunction with director Max R Lincoln.

Noted, 17 Jan 2021, 18:57

NYX - an experiential exploration of Ambient, Noise & Electronic music

Noted, 17 Jan 2021, 17:19

Finn McCorry and Local Action Records have launched a new mix series called Mixtape Club where the DJs get paid! £150 per mix + £150 for the artwork. While the eventual goal for payments will be to come from subscriptions to their Patreon, the mixes will be free to download.

Noted, 14 Jan 2021, 13:10

KOMPAKT have launched a new mix series called Connecting the Dots where the artists within the mix actually get paid (this happens because you purchase the mix). Using releases from the label, the inaugural mix comes from Michael Mayer who presents a superb hour-long selection.

Connecting the Dots

Noted, 14 Jan 2021, 13:01

As always at this time of year, there's a deluge of music recommendations to catch-up with (I'm putting together a list of the best bits I missed - watch this space). One quick recommendation is Harvest Moon, a rather pleasant Ambient mix from Philip Sherburne which is well worth a listen.

Noted, 08 Jan 2021, 14:35

Diary Of A Fugue Year - Ann Powers looks back at her year since the pandemic hit, with musical references

Noted, 07 Jan 2021, 09:25

Just ran my Spotify profile through Judge my Spotify and it came up with this:

How Bad Is Your Spotify? Loading your music library... Analyzing your listening history...



okay hold up

Do you really listen to Momma On Da Flo by Big Dope P? (I asnwered yes)

Like ironically? (no...)


Seeing plenty of electronica.

Finding a lot of Julian Cope.

Like... a LOT.

oh boy Love Like Blood by Killing Joke.

oh great another John Maus stan...

You've been listening to a lot of Max Richter lately. u okay? (Yeah why)

no reason...

Of course Aphex Twin.

One last thing...

Fuck marry kill. Choose fast.

  • The Magnetic Fields (Fuck)
  • John Maus (Kill)
  • Throwing Muses (Marry)

Let's just leave that there.

Have you been to Coachella? (no)


Well this has been... interesting.

Let's get your final score.█

> Thank your obsessions with The Magnetic Fields, new wave, and Sufjan Stevens for that.

> Based on your listening habits, I can also tell you your spotify was...

> lilith-fair-mainstage bad

> boomer-relaxation bad

> bono bad

> sitting-alone-in-the-cafeteria bad

> Here's what else is going on in your aural trash fire:

You listen to these tracks too much:

  • Golden Streets by JPattersson

  • Phasic Reflex by Reptant

  • Lost In Translation by Bas Grossfeldt

  • Entangled Particles by Pinch

  • World Struggle - Ambient Dub by Babe Roots

You stan these artists to an uncomfortable extent:

  • Julian Cope

  • The Magnetic Fields

  • John Maus

  • Throwing Muses

  • Aphex Twin

You are 3% basic. Sabaturin and Robot? Where do you even find this shit?.

You're stuck in the early 2010s. You only listen to Obama-era jams like Scud Books by Hudson Mohawke and Cascade of Events by André Bratten.

Analysis finally complete.

I need to go recalibrate my taste levels.

Shutting down.


Noted, 27 Dec 2020, 13:17

tapedeck.org - a gallery of old cassette tapes

Noted, 23 Dec 2020, 08:52

Check out the new EP from Morris Cowan called Perennials, it's rugged, invigorating and inventive electronic music

Noted, 23 Dec 2020, 08:39

Anthony Rother has just released METROWELT, a brand new album, a soundtrack to a non-existent (or yet to be made) film.

Noted, 23 Dec 2020, 08:24


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