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More labels should do what Sematica have been doing with their Tarot Card series; it proves to be a great way to celebrate a label's back catalogue while giving listeners, new and old, a chance to discover overlooked artists. Check out their recent collection, El Sol. SEMANTICA TT15 which is a well-selected compilation by itself

Noted, 05 Aug 2022, 13:27

Jim Coles has announced a second installment of Acid Dub Studies II for his Om Unit outfit

Noted, 05 Aug 2022, 13:15

Outsideleft - a new magazine on music and culture

Noted, 31 Jul 2022, 17:18

Here's a no-nonsense, thumping Techno EP from BUUK called Vector. It's out on new label Echtrai, which is run by Blamhaus (who also runs B-Haus).

Noted, 22 Jul 2022, 11:15

Six Tracks #24 with Pontiac Streator, dBridge, Christoph de Babalon, Yan Cook, Umwelt and iNFO.

Noted, 22 Jul 2022, 09:56

Six Tracks #23, featuring µ-Ziq, Saint Abdullah & Eomac, Ben Shemie, bergsonist, Nite Fleit and Anton Kubikov.

Noted, 12 Jul 2022, 13:45


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