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Superb 55 minute mix from JASSS for HÖR Berlin, includes tracks from Cocktail Party Effect, TYGAPAW, Gary Barking, Qlap, Cressida, Ben Ritz and John B.

Noted, 27 Feb 2021, 16:32

Lucrecia Dalt lists her fav 10 lesser known film scores, including Lalo Schifrin's haunting work for the 1971 George Lucas film THX 1138 and Slava Tsukerman's New Wave meets circus vibe for his own film Liquid Sky.

Noted, 27 Feb 2021, 15:12

Ink Project - Rhythm Spirit

Rhythm Spirit is a top-notch album from Jez Lloyd's collaborative Ink Project, that simply oozes high quality production across the board, with fine vocal contributions from Coreysan, FiFi Rong and Yazmyn Hendrix, that bring a soulful World vibe, alongside catchy electronic Pop and tasteful downtempo compositions. It's got summer vibes all over it, and it's out on Friday 26th February!

Noted, 25 Feb 2021, 20:56

Kicking off a new irregular series of playlists comprising six new tracks, the inaugural selection includes Rampa, Kenton Slash Demon, Jennifer Loveless, Alan Vega, Cignol and Satomimagae.

Listen on Buy Music Club.

Noted, 25 Feb 2021, 19:33

Superstar DJ Carl Cox has delivered this week's Resdient Advisor mix and it's rather nice, with an hour of his own music produced live on various modular and Moog hardware, including the DJS-1000 and the Toraiz SP-16.

Noted, 23 Feb 2021, 18:02

The Escape Velocity magazine is a new 92-page electronic music publication with a focus on creativity. The man behind the digital pulp is Techno boss Jeff Mills.

The Escape Velocity

It's due out quarterly with future releases found at Axis Records.

Noted, 23 Feb 2021, 17:35

Check out Chris Shaw's amazing work in sourcing many of the photos of famous folk from The Beatles' iconic album Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band cover.

pepper #1 pepper #2 pepper #3

Via Waxy.

Noted, 21 Feb 2021, 14:06

I've been enjoying the dulcet vocals of Lindsay Reamer on her melodic new EP Lucky.

Noted, 20 Feb 2021, 13:55

In support of his new Far Away EP (as Optic Nerve), Aux 88 main man Keith Tucker has shared his "Back To Mine" favs, which include Inner City's Big Fun, The Bells by Jeff Mills and Los Hermanos with In Deeper Presence.

Noted, 17 Feb 2021, 19:09

New book, Fried & Justified by Mick Houghton, centres on the rivalries and fortunes of three bands he worked closely with in the 80s and 90s in his capacity as an independent music publicist: Echo & the Bunnymen, Julian Cope and The KLF.

a candid, amusing and insightful picture of an exciting and inspirational period for music

Noted, 14 Feb 2021, 14:50

This year's Glasgow Film Festival runs from 27 Feb - 02 Mar and has a few music-related offerings which may be of interest. Underplayed tackles the subject of sexism in the electronic music scene, Creation Stories, written by Irvine Welsh, sees Ewan Bremner play Creation Records boss Alan McGee in a portrait of his time in the music industry limelight, and Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché delves into the life of the pioneering punk leader of X-Ray Spex.

Noted, 13 Feb 2021, 13:13

Orbita - a new device that lets artists and musicians create multisensory experiences by transforming colour into music. It's still at the Kickstarter stage but looks intriguing.

Noted, 13 Feb 2021, 12:56

Stillhead, aka Alex Cowles, has released the final episode of his long-running Insight Podcast series, and in it he looks back at his own music development, which includes a few unreleased tracks.

Noted, 11 Feb 2021, 09:36

I Hate Models - Disco Inferno 01 - the French producer Guillaume Labadie is launching a new label called Disco Inferno this Friday (Feb 12) with his own name attached to the inaugural release. Disco Inferno 01 comprises three pounding tracks in his familiar 145 BPM guise, each brimming with melody and the right level of rousing spirit. And if you ignore the annoying sample that tramples all over the first couple of minutes of Sad Groove, it turns out to be the highlight with its Depeche Mode-inspired vocal refrain. All in, a very fine opening statement.

Noted, 09 Feb 2021, 08:00

This is a superb mix from Eomac and MC Yallah.


  1. Biosphere - Sphere of No Form
  2. S.Maharba - Something in the Way She Moves
  3. Destiny's Child - Survivor
  4. Soundmurderer & SK1 - Dreader Than Dread
  5. Timbaland & Magoo - Clock Strikes
  6. Hudson Mohawke - Ooops
  7. Sote - Electric Deaf
  8. Tweet - Call Me
  9. Dlux Ibraw - Wampologoma
  10. Salt Fish, Ackee & Bakes - Rollin'
  11. Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On
  12. Fugees - Fu-Gee-La
  13. Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check
  14. J Dilla - Jungle Love
  15. Craig Mack - Flava in Ya Ear
  16. Mase - What You Want (feat. Total)
  17. J Dilla - Safety Dance
  18. Dr Dre - Kush (feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon)
  19. Boards of Canada - Telephasic Workshop
  20. Frank Ocean - Pink Matter
Noted, 07 Feb 2021, 12:41

The reality of Brexit to Musicians - Robin Rimbaud, aka British musician Scanner, describes the calamitous situation many UK artists now find themselves in thanks to a corrupt and short-sited Tory government.

Noted, 07 Feb 2021, 11:10

Here's some snazzy art work, an old cassette and walkman fashioned from coloured paper by Zim & Zou.

paper cassette walkman

Noted, 04 Feb 2021, 19:42


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