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Joshua Minsoo Kim has compiled a short and contentious but ultimately zero-fat list of the best Ambient albums of the 1990s. Here's some links to listen:

Noted, 13 Apr 2024, 13:51

New book: High Bias: The Distorted History of the Cassette Tape by Marc Masters charts the journey of the cassette from its invention in the early 1960s to its Walkman-led domination in the 1980s to decline at the birth of compact discs to resurgence among independent music makers

Noted, 12 Apr 2024, 14:04

New book: Becoming a Composer by Errollyn Wallen - "Becoming a Composer offers an intriguing glimpse into the mind and motivation of a composer and covers aspects of Wallen’s sometimes troubled childhood, and her experiences of growing up as a black composer in the UK"

Noted, 05 Apr 2024, 09:38

On successfully funding his new animated film The Shepherds via a Kickstarter campaign, Woody Tucker commissioned Dylan Henner to produce the soundtrack. The result, Henner's first OST, is a perfectly measured ten minute symphony in miniature, comprising woodwind, brass, harp, piano, synthesis and processed voice.

While not publicly available to watch yet, you can view a clip of the film

Noted, 28 Mar 2024, 17:11

The Trautonium, invented in the early 1930s

Noted, 27 Mar 2024, 10:29

More a feeling than a melody - Derek Walmsley writes about a previously unheard Alice Coltrane performance from 1971

Noted, 27 Mar 2024, 10:24

Berlin Didn't Invent Techno - opinion piece from Resident Advisor on why Detroit wasn't mentioned in Berlin's recent UNESCO award

Noted, 26 Mar 2024, 19:16

Six Tracks #48 featuring Scanner, Wallace, Iglooghost, Gesloten Cirkel, Om Unit and Aurumm

Noted, 22 Mar 2024, 10:59

I think Samsung misssed a trick with their new Bluetooth photo-frame speaker. It holds a 10" high x 8" wide photo but what they should have done is sized it for a 12" record sleeve.

Noted, 22 Mar 2024, 07:51

Musicboard is a social platform based around your listening habits

Noted, 21 Mar 2024, 17:42

AC55ID is a new Bandcamp alternative, specifcally with 100% payments going to the artist

Noted, 20 Mar 2024, 13:22


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