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Negative criticism is frequently considered the reason music journalism sucks, but it's really the opposite! - Danielle Chelosky on The Vitality of Negative Criticism - music journalism sucks, and mostly because of too much positive criticism!

Noted, 21 Sep 2021, 10:08

"It's unmanageable": How the vinyl industry reached breaking point Increased demand, plus the rising prices of raw materials, have led to huge delays at record pressing plants. When will the vinyl bubble burst? - article New Statesman

Noted, 21 Sep 2021, 08:50

Bespoke Synth - a modular DAW for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Noted, 21 Sep 2021, 07:53

The Chic Effect - Simon Reynolds casts a LED light over the ongoing legacy of Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards

Noted, 17 Sep 2021, 07:49

Global Communication’s Tom Middleton has announced GCOM, a new solo project on !K7, with the inaugural release, E2-XO, due out on 29th October. Ten years in the making, it's one of the most complex pieces of work he's produced (technically and conceptually). I've had a quick listen through and it sounds extremely lush and well-produced, with a mix of Ambient, orchestral and upbeat tracks.

Noted, 16 Sep 2021, 18:56

Rohs! Records are giving away eleven Dub Techno releases (both albums and EPs) for 1€ each. The list includes:

The deal lasts for a week, so if this label is new to you, get in there right away!

Noted, 10 Sep 2021, 08:09

Slam launch a new series on Friday this week called Louder Than Chaos. The first of five volumes features collaborations with 999999999, Hector Oaks and Optic Nerve (aka Keith Tucker). Future releases will see the Glaswegian duo work with Amelie Lens, Rebekah, AnD and Perc.

Louder Than Chaos

Noted, 08 Sep 2021, 15:07

I've been drawn to the shimmering synth work on Marcel Sletten's debut album Vicious Kisses regularly in the last few weeks. The US artist makes blissful Ambient music, like sinking into a luxurious bed and contemplating only pleasant thoughts. Out now on sound as language.

Noted, 05 Sep 2021, 17:08

Here's another gorgeous Six Tracks #9 for you with:

  1. Japanese new age Ambient from Motohiko Hamase, taken from his Intaglio album
  2. On Dutch label Nous'klaer Audio, a taster from the upcoming Kems Kriol EP Equanimity - tablas with a middle eastern vibe and Wantee Teelapa on vocals
  3. From new album Grassroots by The Untouchables, time for some deep Drum and Bass (via Samurai Music)
  4. Danish artist Anastasia Kristensen with a seriously good Drum and Bass and Electronica hybrid, from her upcoming Volshebno EP (on Houndstooth)
  5. Son Lux gets a weird and wonky remix from Black Taffy of their track Unbind... and it's simply superb! Taken from the first of two reworks EPs
  6. Lastly, in gritty Ambient fashion, this is Matrixxman's contribution to the Stone Techno series. Sounds for Rocks is the lead track on the second EP (which also includes RØDHÅD, Yan Cook and VNNN.)

Noted, 30 Aug 2021, 19:15

Alda - a text-based programming language for music composition

Noted, 27 Aug 2021, 08:19

If Electronica is your thing Submersion Therapy by Negative Response is the first new material from the eighties post-Punk band since 2017's Oblique Angles.

Noted, 26 Aug 2021, 07:55


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