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Music catch-up 2020

A selection of albums and EPs that I didn't get a chance to rave about but definitely deserve your love

Kicking off my year-end round-up of everything electronic and music, here's a few of the releases that resonated with me but I didn't shout about much. All well worth digging in to.

zakè - Orchestral Studies Collectanea

Sweeping orchestral movements tempered with blissful electronic synths from Zach Frizzell.

Made For Humans - Made For Humans

More under appreciated Ambient music, mainly piano and strings, from Stefan Olsdal (from 90s band Placebo) and shady figure Digital 21.

Toàn - Volta No Vento

Another superb music + book package from the IIKKI label. Delicate, contemplative, surprising and more-ish.

Lisa Lerkenfeldt - Collagen

Experimental sound artist Lisa Lerkenfeldt makes music that can ruffle, rouse and remedy. I really enjoyed her EP The Speed Of Images from last year and was smitten on hearing Collagen.

Ezra Feinberg & John Kolodij - S/T

Multi-instrumental split EP from two talented musicians, take you on a spooky and animated journey. Beautiful!

Francis Theberge & Hendekagon - Trimmed, Trammed & Truncated

From the man behind the Adventurous Music label (Hendekagon) and Francis Theberge, a collaboration that veers towards the more contemplative side of the Experimental Ambient music.

Silvia Tarozzi - Mi specchio e rifletto

You may remember I made Al cancello a tune of the moment when this album was released. It's a superb collection of poetry set to song about "love, motherhood and the mystery hidden behind the curtain of everyday life".

Forest Robots - After Geography

Using his love of the outdoors and his daughter as inspiration, here's an album of quiet, jazzy noodling, haunting and soothing in equal measure.

Overcast Sound - Fleuves

The opening track on this three track album is simply superb (and the rest ain't bad either). Continuing afloat his water-based themes, Michael Pettit invites us on a meandering journey past the ox-bow lakes.

amnfx - Audrey

Vasily Skobeev is a prolific artist but the quality rarely drops and Audrey, his fifth album (he's actually released two more since!) is a collection of lo-fi jams that prod and poke subtly.

Hilary Woods - Birthmarks

Following up a sublime album like Colt was always going to be a major challenge, so rather than outdo herself, Hilary Woods turned left field and introduced a bold element of electronic experimentation to an otherwise acoustic, singer/songwriter style. It mostly works too, but the influence of experimental noise producer and filmmaker Lasse Marhaug occasionally turns things too dark.

Ocoeur - Everything

Franck Zaragoza returned with a fleeting six-tracker, not an album or an EP but one of these new breed of tasting menu releases™ where textured Ambient sounds, cathartic rhythms and melancholy melodies combined in perfect unison.



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