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Tunes giving us a tickly fizz inside


Electronic Pop dirge, dark and alluring debut from Émilie Tiersen, aka QUINQUIS. Previously she released music as Tiny Feet but Adkrog signals a fresh new direction.

Out now via Mute.

Tune, 02 Dec 2021, 15:34

Mehmet Aslan - Domo

Nice beats from the Swiss/Turkish artist on new single Domo for Planisphere, blending live drums and guitars.

Tune, 29 Nov 2021, 09:32

Terez Sliman - In The Name Of Love (Yotam Avni Remix)

Lovely remix this, classic Kompakt vibes all over it.

Tune, 29 Nov 2021, 09:28

Slam + Rebekah - Believe In The Night

Goodness me do these Slam boys know how to write a banging Techno tune! Their recent Louder Than Chaos series of collaborations has been exemplary so far, with particular highlights from Hector Oaks and Perc. This two-tracker with Rebekah is the third of five releases in the series and Believe In The Night is another highlight, tipping the balance by a baw-hair towards the headphone listener.

Louder Than Chaos Vol. 3 is out on Friday 26th November via Soma Records. Slam will be teaming up with Amelie Lens and AnD for the last two EPs in the series.

Tune, 25 Nov 2021, 19:37

Loew - Strange Loop

Here's another catchy electronic Pop tune that sits comfortably in the Bicep and Arcsec camp; it's by an emerging producer from Northern Ireland called Loew. Strange Loop follows his debut EP 2 Doves 1 Snowball from earlier this year.

Strange Loop is released on Friday 26th November on Renaissance Records.

Tune, 25 Nov 2021, 19:20

DCee & Markee Ledge - Nightlife

Markee Ledge from defunct electronic group Kosheen has joined forces with BS1 Records boss Davide Carbone for this lovely, Pop-leaning dnb track. I like it and you will too.

Tune, 24 Nov 2021, 19:24

Penelope Trappes - Lucky Eleven (Mother's Blood Version)

Riffing on the otherworldly melodrama of Abul Mogard and the menacing threat of Roly Porter, Penelope Trappes has created a pleasantly surprising piece of instrumental music (as part of the soundtrack for a new one-hour film, by Trappes and Agnes Haus, called Mother's Blood). Lucky Eleven (Mother's Blood Version) is essentially a remix of her own track (from her last album Three) made by stripping out the vocals. The result is a blisteringly dark composition. The whole soundtrack is a remix of the Three.

Tune, 23 Nov 2021, 20:36

Jan Wagner + Answer Code Request - What's New

Taken from their debut EP YES I, a truly superb collaboration between two of my favourite producers, Jan Wagner and Answer Code Request, What's New is the highlight with its emotional chord sequence and uplifting vibe.

Tune, 17 Nov 2021, 10:49

Solid Gold Playas - Next To Me

Like a strutting Galcher Lustwerk, the opening track from their second EP on Freerange this year, oozes funky cool.

Tune, 14 Nov 2021, 18:14

JP Enfant - Muzieklokaal

Pleasant, upbeat and melodic track from former Trouw/De School resident JP Enfant, lifted from forthcoming EP Somewhere Else.

Tune, 08 Nov 2021, 14:45


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