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Tunes giving us a tickly fizz inside

Earth Boys - Okokok

Dubby middle eastern vocals crossed with an upbeat House vibe on Okokok FTW.

Tune, 14 Jun 2021, 17:02

Chorusing - Watching the Beams

US artist Matthew O’Connell goes by the name Chorusing and Watching the Beams is a taster from his forthcoming album Half Mirror, out via Western Vinyl on 13th August. Ghostly dubby vocals float atop a syncopated electronic soundtrack. If the rest of the album is like this, we're onto a good 'un.

Tune, 09 Jun 2021, 16:03

TMPLT feat. Robert Owens - Wishing Well EP (Plump DJs Remix)

Wishing Well, a top quality tune from Michael Knop, aka Distale, in his TMPLT guise with superb vocals from Robert Owens.

Tune, 08 Jun 2021, 20:34

박혜진 Park Hye Jin - Y DONT U (feat. Clams Casino & Take A Daytrip)

Y DON’T U is tasteful catchy Pop from 박혜진 Park Hye Jin who teams up with Clams Casino (A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller, FKA Twigs) and NYC duo Take A Daytrip (Travis Scott & Kid Cudi, Lil Nas X). Out on Ninja Tune.

Tune, 06 Jun 2021, 12:11

Emika - Angel Come (feat Liela Moss)

Following her collaboration with Horace Andy, Emika pairs up with The Duke Spirit’s Liela Moss on the delightful Angel Come.

This is the latest track from her Vega series of releases, celebrating 10 years since her debut LP.

Each of the three parts of Vega will have a different theme and sound, demonstrating and celebrating the diversity of her career to date. While part one explores her electronica heritage, part two will bring in elements of her two piano albums: Klavirni and Klavirni Temna. Part three will move away from electronic sounds and explore the neo-classic side of Emika’s work, featuring a string quartet.

Tune, 27 May 2021, 19:51

Anz - Unravel In The Designated Zone

Catchy as hell lead track from the OTMI Records label boss's inaugural release; the synth line will wriggle its way deep inside. Produced by Joker.

Tune, 27 May 2021, 07:40

Skream - Chesters Groove

Oliver Jones, aka Skream, today launches his new label IFEEL with a track called Chesters Groove, an intense Techno chugger. Berghain resident Norman Nodge provides two fine remixes (named Yang and Ying) the former a slightly beefier translation of the original while the latter adds extra percussion and eases the tension.

Skream says the label will be a showcase for his own productions, with no restrictions on genre.

Tune, 21 May 2021, 08:44

Throwing Snow - Halos

First taste of the new Throwing Snow album Dragons is this catchy number with urgent rhythms, Electrofied zaps of bass and rumblings of his Dubstep past.

Dragons is out on 27th June via Houndstooth.

Tune, 17 May 2021, 18:34


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