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Tunes giving us a tickly fizz inside

Paul Roux & In Anima - Lazy Sunday

Wide Dvision label boss Paul Roux teams up with French duo In Anima for an emotional slice of Downtempo. On a base layer of Breakbeats Lazy Sunday twirls and ascends with darting Dub synth noises.

Tune, 16 May 2024, 15:45

Tom Kench - It Rain It Pours

Inspired by Claude von Stroke, there's a catchy groove on this new track from Tom Kench, aka boss of left field dance label Almost Like We Met.

Tune, 15 May 2024, 22:07

WAX - WAX90009B

Number nine in René Pawlowitz's irregular series of floor tracks as WAX, this time with a brace of Dub Techno rollers. My fav is the b-side WAX90009B with its Detroit Techno melody.

Tune, 03 May 2024, 09:38

Cralias - Acid Rain

In theory auto-tuned chipmunk sounds like a terrible idea but I'll Try, the opening track from Cralias's new EP Kali Yuga works. (The rest of the EP ain't too shabby either.) My fav though is Acid Rain with its agile bass and circling synths, drenched in emotion!

Tune, 02 May 2024, 18:49

Alinka - Night Train

Check out the mutant Rave vibes on Alinka's new track Night Train.

It's taken from the new compilation Gudu & Friends Vol. 2, out now on Peggy Gou's Gudu Records

Tune, 02 May 2024, 18:04


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