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Tunes giving us a tickly fizz inside

King Ugly Delight - National Disaster

The perverse artist name may be tongue-in-cheek (or self-deprecating) and the label name Shite Music For Shite People doesn't soften the grisly effect, but the self-described "abrasive experimental punktronica" is unequivocally bang on. Check out the manic title track from the debut album National Disgrace.

Tune, 10 May 2021, 19:08

Bite The Boxer - Human Atmosphere

This emotive synthwave with an 80s bent comes from English musician Matt Park, aka Bite The Boxer. Catchy as hell!

Tune, 10 May 2021, 18:57

Polo & Pan - Anu Kuni

High quality music from the Parisian Pop duo with Anu Kuni, hopefully the first track lifted from a forthcoming album.

Tune, 10 May 2021, 18:38

Daniel Avery - Endless Hours

Endless Hours is the first taster from Daniel Avery's upcoming new album Together in Static, to be released on 24th June via Phantasy + Mute. He'll be performing the new music in a specially arranged (already sold out) show at Hackney Church, which will then be live-streamed on 23rd June (tickets available here).


  1. Crystal Eyes
  2. Yesterday Faded
  3. Nowhere Sound
  4. The Pursuit of Joy
  5. Fountain of Peace
  6. Together in Static
  7. A Life That Is Your Own
  8. Hazel and Gold
  9. [hope comes in many forms]
  10. Endless Hours
  11. The Midnight Sun
Tune, 25 Apr 2021, 08:53

hoos - Peaceful Madcap

hoos, aka English artist Adam Hughes, with his first proper track, Peaceful Madcap, which carries a pleasant summery Pop vibe, think Floating Points with cut-up vocals. One to watch!

Tune, 22 Apr 2021, 15:50

Kevin Richard Martin - In Love With A Ghost

The man behind the music of King Midas Sound has announced a new album called Return to Solaris, a rescore of Andrei Tarkovsky’s seminal 1972 movie Solaris. First taste In Love With A Ghost smothers the listener in a blanket of claustrophobia.

The album is out on 25th June via Phantom Limb.

Tune, 22 Apr 2021, 15:39

Scalping - Monolithium

This exciting new outfit, fresh on Houndstooth with their debut EP Flood, made waves last year with Deadlock, a track combining an electronic punk vibe with buzzing guitars. Monolithium is the tasteful follow-up in the same guise, with echoes of Digitalism and Boys Noize.

Tune, 22 Apr 2021, 15:26

Jay Haze & M.A.L.A - CNTXTS1024

CNTXTS1024 is five versions of stripped-back broken-beats, with a Dub and Bass swagger, that demand attention but never show-off.

Tune, 16 Apr 2021, 08:42


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