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Tunes giving us a tickly fizz inside

Phase4our - c​-​Extriv

Loving the mournful vibe of the synths coupled the fresh Acid bursts on this new track from Phase4our. It's the first track from an upcoming new EP called Language Barrier.

c​-​Extriv is out now on Machine Records.

Tune, 20 Feb 2024, 19:27

Ombrar - In The Mud

In The Mud is my highlight from Ombrar's debut EP, Walking on Thin Ice, out now on Skryptöm. With its Techno and Breaks rhythms and a light tension build, it delivers an emotional ride. The other five tracks undulate over turbulent and haunting Ambient to thumping Techno.

Tune, 07 Feb 2024, 09:13

Hegstraction - O: The Hypnotic Series

I love a good concept and this ambitious project from English Techno head Harry Halmshaw, aka Hegstraction, tickles my fancy. Entitled, 'The Hypnotic Series', the aim is to release twelve tracks, each denominated by a single letter that, when combined in order, will eventually spell out the word SOMNAMBULISM. (We're on the second track atm.) The series isn't about sleepwalking though, it's about capturing the celebrated Trance-induced state of the dedicated floor reveller.

O carries an alluring Delsin-vibe, particularly in the rugged and somewhat off-centre Techno of Mike Dehnert (which ain't a bad comparison by any means). We'll need to hear the whole series in a oner before confirming if a higher state has been reached, but judging by the first two entrants, it's on course.

The Hypnotic Series is released via Halmshaw's own Bad Haz Techno label.

Tune, 03 Feb 2024, 15:28


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