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Tunes giving us a tickly fizz inside

Allison Lorenzen - VALE (feat. Midwife)

Midwife's Madeline Johnston's reverb-soaked guitar married with Allison Lorenzen's melancholy melody is a perfect match.

Tune, 21 Jan 2021, 08:37

Arcsec - Crystals

Here's new London duo Arcsec and debut track Crystals, with flavours of Four Tet and Bicep.

Tune, 19 Jan 2021, 08:35

Gazelle Twin & NYX - Fire Leap

Rooted in English pagan and sacred music, Gazelle Twin (aka Elizabeth Bernholz) & electronic drone choir NYX release an 8-track album this March called Deep England. Lead track Fire Leap offers an unsettling interpretation of one of the more disquieting moments from The Wicker Man soundtrack.

Tune, 17 Jan 2021, 17:07

Jensen Interceptor - Ridin'

New track Ridin' from Jensen Interceptor's new Master Control Program EP on Unknown to the Unknown is rugged, banging and essential.

Tune, 13 Jan 2021, 13:24

Invisible Temple - Twisted Roots

Twisted Roots is the opening track from the debut album Self Hypnosis by Invisible Temple, a duo comprised of Permanent Vacation label founder Benjamin Fröhlich and Florian Peter (aka Bostro Pesopeo). The music riffs on formative sounds in their musical lives, with an underlying Dub foundation.

Self Hynosis is out now on Permanent Vacation.

Tune, 12 Jan 2021, 09:01

Jesu - Sleeping In

Monumental track from the recent Justin K Broadrick album Terminus under his Jesu guise. Heavy chords like Neil Young but in slow-motion, combined with Broadrick's melodious vocals.

Terminus thematically was inspired by the concepts of rejection, dependency, nostalgia, and ultimate loneliness.

Musically exploring the entire gamut of the Jesu oeuvre since it’s initial inception; dream pop, shoegaze, electronica and non aligned/non genre specific heaviness.

Tune, 10 Jan 2021, 14:59

Meemo Comma - Neon Genesis: Title Sequence

Lara Rix-Martin returns as Meemo Comma with an album of mystical charm and breakbeats, encapsulated perfectly by Neon Genesis: Title Sequence.

The album, Neon Genesis: Soul Into Matter² is out on 19th March via Planet Mu.

Tune, 08 Jan 2021, 07:18


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