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Relatives Schoensein Compilation

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Relatives Schoensein Compilation by Various

Colossal Ambient compilation with accompanying book of art

Relatives Schoensein is a non-profit music and art collaboration, similar to Iikki Books where an artist produces music in response to art or vice versa. With over 40 contributing artists it's an ambitious project.

The book shows photographs of weathered and partly destroyed street art, taken by Adventurous Music founding member Signalstoerung. And the music fittingly reflects this in its grisly, worn and textured sound. It's not all challenging listening though, there are many serene and beautiful tracks to be found for those seeking hidden gems. A fine collection well worth investigating.

If you only listen to one track

Agravic Falling by Dirk Geiger


Biosphere, William Basinski


Adventurous Music

Release date

07 Jul 2020



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