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Frédéric D. Oberland - Même Soleil

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Même Soleil by Frédéric D. Oberland & Gaël Bonnefon

Thought provoking meeting of minds in the latest IIKKI collaboration

I'm a big fan of these IIKKI books collaborations: a visual artist and music producer combine their reasoned approach to aesthetics in a single multimedia artwork, to be considered as a single piece or consumed as individual statements. For the fifteenth outing in the series (note, many of the back issues are well worth investigation), photographer Gaël Bonnefon and musician Frédéric D. Oberland take centre stage.

Oberland, also a photographer, floods the senses with varied musical styles, from the middle-Eastern Jazzy vibe on opener Augures to chugging guitar and feedback on Un Feu Rebelle. Bonnefon's visuals, like grainy film stills, blurry and high contrast, carry a voyeuristic allure with a dangerous underlying narrative.

If you only listen to one track

Quatre Épaves D'Acier


Kiri Ra!, The Alvaret Ensemble



Release date

19 Jul 2021


  1. Augures
  2. Quatre Épaves D'Acier
  3. En Cercle Immergé
  4. Un Feu Rebelle
  5. Ravages
  6. À Notre Nuit


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