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On Fri 18 Sep 2020 we listened to: Egopusher, Odete, Nils Frahm, Jupiter Jax, Dettinger, Mera Bhai, Baby T, ex aquis, E-Saggila, TR/ST, elisa bee, Broken English Club, 30/70, SAUL, Athlete Whippet, Close Counters, Setwun, Maxwell Owin., Sleep D, Joni Mitchell, Further Reductions, Daniel Johnston, Marie Davidson, The Cyclist, Suzanne Ciani, THUGWIDOW, Mary Lattimore, Robot, Maria Minerva, China Crisis, The Lo Yo Yo, The Fallout Club, Trackmaster Dre, The KVB, Streetwalker, Jon Anderson, The Incidental Crack, Global Communication, Ani and Futurisk

  • Beyond by Egopusher

  • Alterity by Odete

  • All Encores by Nils Frahm

  • No Such Thing by Jupiter Jax

  • Oasis by Dettinger

  • Futureproofing EP by Mera Bhai

  • I Against I by Baby T

  • 10 Pièces d'Errance dans un Monde Défait by ex aquis

  • Anima Bulldozer by E-Saggila

  • The Destroyer - 2 by TR/ST

  • Orbit EP by elisa bee

  • Violence And Divinity by Broken English Club

  • Fluid Motion: Remixed by 30/70, SAUL, Athlete Whippet, Close Counters, Setwun, Maxwell Owin.

  • Freak Of Nature by Sleep D

  • Dog Eat Dog by Joni Mitchell

  • Woodwork by Further Reductions

  • Continued Story / Hi How Are You by Daniel Johnston

  • Adieux Au Dancefloor by Marie Davidson

  • Weather Underground by The Cyclist

  • A Sonic Womb: Live Buchla Performance at Lapsus by Suzanne Ciani

  • A Figure of Speech by THUGWIDOW

  • Silver Ladders by Mary Lattimore

  • Songs in the Key of Quarantine by Robot

  • Soft Power by Maria Minerva

  • Scars by Broken English Club

  • Working With Fire And Steel by China Crisis

  • Extra Weapons by The Lo Yo Yo

  • Dangerous Friends by The Fallout Club

  • Grandmaster Acid by Trackmaster Dre

  • Immaterial Visions by The KVB

  • Future Fusion by Streetwalker

  • Animation by Jon Anderson

  • Before the Magic by The Incidental Crack

  • 76:14 by Global Communication

  • KINO-I by Ani

  • Lonely Streets Remixes by Futurisk

On The Stereo, 19 Sep 2020, 00:05

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