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On Tue 22 Sep 2020 we listened to: Paul Blackford, Kangding Ray, Analogous Doom, Cut Copy, Hilary Woods, Dream_E, Lisa Lerkenfeldt, Francis Theberge & Hendekagon, elisa bee, konduku, Hendekagon, Jürgen Paape, Milo Korbenski, jPattersson, B1. Celldöd, Darkstar, ARU, Joy Division and 96 Back

  • Betamax by Paul Blackford

  • 61 Mirrors / Music for SKALAR by Kangding Ray

  • The Sound Of Love International 002 - Beautiful Swimmers by Analogous Doom

  • Freeze, Melt by Cut Copy

  • Colt by Hilary Woods

  • Dreams on 22 by Dream_E

  • Collagen by Lisa Lerkenfeldt

  • Trimmed, Trammed & Truncated by Francis Theberge & Hendekagon

  • Orbit EP by elisa bee

  • Mantis 03 by konduku

  • Relatives Schoensein Compilation by Hendekagon

  • Kompilation by Jürgen Paape

  • Afterlove by Milo Korbenski

  • Mood by jPattersson

  • AAR016 - Lake Haze / Celldöd - Acid Avengers 016 by B1. Celldöd

  • Civic Jams by Darkstar

  • Fighting Hatred by ARU

  • TOTAL by Joy Division

  • Sugilite by 96 Back

On The Stereo, 23 Sep 2020, 00:05

Sacha Lord @Sacha_Lord

Without extending support, this Government will be remembered for ripping the heart out of our 5th biggest UK sector.

Huge redundancies and mass closures of theatres, live music venues, pubs, bar, restaurants, nightclubs and cultural organisations.

@RishiSunak it's over to you:

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Quoted, 22 Sep 2020, 23:00

OneZero @ozm

On Spotify, if your music ranks highly for a generic search term like "relaxing" or "white noise," you can accumulate enough listens to steadily make hundreds, in some cases thousands, of dollars a month with minimal effort. http://read.medium.com/ZuNFBp7

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Quoted, 22 Sep 2020, 22:40

Kangding Ray - Sun

Immerse yourself in the beautifully sublime ambience of Kangding Ray's Sun, taken from his 61 Mirrors concept album.

Tune, 22 Sep 2020, 15:03

Bristol label Shall Not Fade have announced a double album to celebrate five years in business: 5 Years Of Shall Not Fade. Includes tracks from roster artists old and new, and looks like a good introduction for anyone new to the label like me. Here's a taster from Earth Trax with I'm Not Afraid (Baltra Remix).

Noted, 22 Sep 2020, 13:44

Listening to...

On Mon 21 Sep 2020 we listened to: Octogen, Cut Copy, Mera Bhai, Cressida, Jackson Ryland, Rune Bagge, Tracing Xircles, Pleasure Model, Tusken Raiders, Martinou, Lewis Fautzi, Faten Kanaan, King Midas Sound, Headphone Commute, Ground, A1. Lake Haze, Neinzer and Avalon Emerson

  • Gindofask by Octogen

  • Freeze, Melt by Cut Copy

  • Futureproofing EP by Mera Bhai

  • Sambo by Cressida

  • Stealth Mode by Jackson Ryland

  • Closure by Rune Bagge

  • Air Lock by Tracing Xircles

  • C.M.T.I.E. Manual by Pleasure Model

  • Bantha Trax Vol. 3 by Tusken Raiders

  • Blue 08 by Martinou

  • State Of Pressure EP by Lewis Fautzi

  • A Mythology of Circles by Faten Kanaan

  • It's TIme.. by King Midas Sound

  • Mixes by Headphone Commute

  • Correspondence by Ground

  • AAR016 - Lake Haze / Celldöd - Acid Avengers 016 by A1. Lake Haze

  • Shifting Values by Neinzer

  • DJ-Kicks: Avalon Emerson by Avalon Emerson

On The Stereo, 22 Sep 2020, 00:05


the only musicians who can survive are either scraping by the skin of their teeth or are being underwritten by generational wealth

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Quoted, 21 Sep 2020, 20:20

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