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On Wed 03 Mar 2021 we listened to: Madlib, Ela Minus, Dag Rosenqvist, Esau, Christine Ott, Ink Project, Dyspal, hannu karjalainen, Yotam Avni, Marcus L, Audision, Florian Kupfer, Altin Gün, Johanna Knutsson & Sebastian Mullaert, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Nick Hudson, Emika, Gillian Welch, Future Islands, Coriky, Grandaddy / Jason Lytle, Benjamin Fröhlich, Chalk Portraits, Marika Hackman, Camille Delean and Ball Park Music

  • Sound Ancestors by Madlib

  • acts of rebellion by Ela Minus

  • Vråen Centrum by Dag Rosenqvist

  • Indoor Blues by Esau

  • Time to Die by Christine Ott

  • Rhythm Spirit by Ink Project

  • Lore by Dyspal

  • Railo by hannu karjalainen

  • 2015-2020 - Singles Collection by Yotam Avni

  • K-Force by Marcus L

  • Tin Man Remixes by Audision

  • [JGT60] "Unit" by Florian Kupfer

  • Yol by Altin Gün

  • Live At De Waalse Kerk 2019 by Johanna Knutsson & Sebastian Mullaert

  • Des feux pour voir by Marie-Pierre Arthur

  • Font of Human Fractures by Nick Hudson

  • The Anti Universe by Emika

  • Boots No. 2: The Lost Songs, Vol. 2 by Gillian Welch

  • As Long As You Are by Future Islands

  • Coriky by Coriky

  • That Ring by Grandaddy / Jason Lytle

  • How Much Are They? EP by Benjamin Fröhlich

  • No Visibility by Chalk Portraits

  • Covers by Marika Hackman

  • Cold Home Burning by Camille Delean

  • Cherub by Ball Park Music

On The Stereo, 04 Mar 2021, 00:05

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On Tue 02 Mar 2021 we listened to: Sebastian Gandera, Altin Gün, Malcolm Pardon, Christine Ott, hannu karjalainen, Terrace and Umber

  • Le Raccourci by Sebastian Gandera

  • Yol by Altin Gün

  • Hello Death by Malcolm Pardon

  • Time to Die by Christine Ott

  • Railo by hannu karjalainen

  • Isolation EP by Terrace

  • TIIF 2019 by Umber

On The Stereo, 03 Mar 2021, 00:05

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