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Now Playing You Are Always Younger Than the Future by Not waving from How To Leave Your Body

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On Sun 20 Jun 2021 we listened to: Lena Raine, Spivak, kmrU, Superpitcher, M. Willet, Iguana Moonlight, Binaural Space, Carlos Ferreira, Romance and Yann Tiersen

  • Chicory: A Colorful Tale (Original Soundtrack) by Lena Raine

  • Rare Backwards by Spivak

  • logue by kmrU

  • Connecting The Dots by Superpitcher

  • [UDG 0.51] "Mode Of Transport" by M. Willet

  • JAGUAR by Iguana Moonlight

  • Album Made of Singles by Binaural Space

  • Singles Series Vol. 2 by Carlos Ferreira

  • A Kiss Is Just A Kiss by Romance

  • Kerber by Yann Tiersen

On The Stereo, 21 Jun 2021, 00:05

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On Sat 19 Jun 2021 we listened to: Polo & Pan, M. Willet, Colleen, Discalce, Dean Hurley, Galcher Lustwerk, Pytko, Romance and Mary Yalex

  • Cyclorama by Polo & Pan

  • [UDG 0.51] "Mode Of Transport" by M. Willet

  • The Tunnel and the Clearing by Colleen

  • Dub Beat By Dawn by Discalce

  • Concrete Feather by Dean Hurley

  • Can't Believe by Galcher Lustwerk

  • Save My Day by Pytko

  • A Kiss Is Just A Kiss by Romance

  • Sentimental Journey by Mary Yalex

On The Stereo, 20 Jun 2021, 00:05

Ripperton @Ripperton

All the love i have for electronic music have come from this very first 45 i ever owned (certainely one of my first crush too).

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Quoted, 19 Jun 2021, 14:20

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