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On Sun 03 Jul 2022 we listened to: Rodney Cromwell, Rumpistol, Curses, Carmen Villain, Horace Andy and Joyful Joyful

  • Memory Box by Rodney Cromwell

  • Isola by Rumpistol

  • Incarnadine by Curses

  • Only Love From Now On by Carmen Villain

  • Midnight Rocker by Horace Andy

  • Joyful Joyful by Joyful Joyful

On The Stereo, 04 Jul 2022, 00:05

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On Sat 02 Jul 2022 we listened to: Delroy Williams and Rockers All Stars and DJ Bone

  • JahWebHiPowa's 'THE LOST TAPES & DUBPLATES' - Reel # 1 by Delroy Williams and Rockers All Stars

  • Beyond by DJ Bone

  • A Piece Of Beyond by DJ Bone

  • The Red Zone by DJ Bone

  • SF by DJ Bone

  • A Larger Orbit by DJ Bone

  • Dj Bone - Out Of Knowhere by DJ Bone

  • Himbot by DJ Bone

  • The Detroit EP by DJ Bone

  • R.I.D.E. (Rest In Drexiyan Eternity) by DJ Bone

  • Choice (We Can Feel) by DJ Bone

  • DTW-LAX by DJ Bone

  • No More Heroes (extended) by DJ Bone

  • Struggl(ing) by DJ Bone

  • My Sunday by DJ Bone

  • Subject:detroitvolume2 by DJ Bone

  • Physics by DJ Bone

  • Ship Life by DJ Bone

  • Tru Warriors by DJ Bone

  • LUV by DJ Bone

On The Stereo, 03 Jul 2022, 00:05

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On Fri 01 Jul 2022 we listened to: The Prophets, The Fear Ratio, Stereo Minus One, Collins, Perera Elsewhere, µ-Ziq, Patricia Taxxon, Noda & Wolfers, JK Flesh, Dina Summer and Al Brown and Inner Force

  • The Yabby You Sound (Dubs and Versions) by The Prophets

  • Slinky by The Fear Ratio

  • Lodestone by Stereo Minus One

  • Skins by Collins

  • Home by Perera Elsewhere

  • magic pony ride by µ-Ziq

  • Aeroplane by Patricia Taxxon

  • Tascam Space Season by Noda & Wolfers

  • Veneer of Tolerance by JK Flesh

  • Rimini (Single) by Dina Summer

  • Tribulation on the land EP by Al Brown and Inner Force

On The Stereo, 02 Jul 2022, 00:05

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