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bastinov - Origine

Decent EP from the Italian maker comprising five originals and a couple of remixes (from VNTM and Paride Saraceni). Closing track Attitudine Mentale is a memorable, high energy, Breakbeat-tastic affair with a cool vocal sample but my fav is opening statement and title track Origine, with its cold, dark Techno heart, all murky and minimal.

EP is released on Dutch label Infinite Depth on 24th September.

Tune, 22 Sep 2021, 17:00

Mandy, Indiana - Bottle Episode

I'm rather enjoying the punky spirit crossed with electronic kool on this new track from Manchester band Mandy, Indiana. Has hints of Kanye's, Black Skinhead (which in turn borrowed from Marilyn Manson's The Beautiful People).

Bottle Episode is taken from debut EP ... which is released on 19th November via Fire Talk Records

Tune, 22 Sep 2021, 15:43

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