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On Sat 27 Feb 2021 we listened to: The Magnetic Fields, Marcus L, Florian Kupfer, Dylan Henner, Terrace, Frequent Traveller, Ink Project, The Gun Club, Bullion, Observatories (Ian Hawgood & Craig Tattersall), Roll the Dice, Sophia Loizou, Biosphere, Golden Diskó Ship, Prince Kaybee, Floating Points, Milo Korbenski, Holst, Mc Yallah & Eomac, Gabriel Ananda, Il Quadro di Troisi and Ascendant Vierge

  • Get Lost by The Magnetic Fields

  • K-Force by Marcus L

  • [JGT60] "Unit" by Florian Kupfer

  • Bleep 100 Tracks 2020 by Dylan Henner

  • Isolation EP by Terrace

  • Real Life by Frequent Traveller

  • Rhythm Spirit by Ink Project

  • Lucky Jim (Disc 1) by The Gun Club

  • 4 Down by Bullion

  • Flowers Bloom, Butterflies Come by Observatories (Ian Hawgood & Craig Tattersall)

  • Head Drop by Roll the Dice, Sophia Loizou

  • Angel's Flight by Biosphere

  • Araceae by Golden Diskó Ship

  • Uwrongo by Prince Kaybee

  • Bias by Floating Points

  • Afterlove by Milo Korbenski

  • Keep It Together by Holst

  • Mama Waliwamanyii by Mc Yallah & Eomac

  • Gabriel Ananda - Paricipants (incl. Lexer, AtalaiA remixes) by Gabriel Ananda

  • Il Quadro di Troisi by Il Quadro di Troisi

  • NADSAT by Ascendant Vierge

On The Stereo, 28 Feb 2021, 00:05

Superb 55 minute mix from JASSS for HÖR Berlin, includes tracks from Cocktail Party Effect, TYGAPAW, Gary Barking, Qlap, Cressida, Ben Ritz and John B.

Noted, 27 Feb 2021, 16:32

Lucrecia Dalt lists her fav 10 lesser known film scores, including Lalo Schifrin's haunting work for the 1971 George Lucas film THX 1138 and Slava Tsukerman's New Wave meets circus vibe for his own film Liquid Sky.

Noted, 27 Feb 2021, 15:12

Listening to...

On Fri 26 Feb 2021 we listened to: Altin Gün, Isorinne, The Gun Club, Dag Rosenqvist, Malcolm Pardon, hannu karjalainen, Iguana Moonlight, Off Land & Specta Ciera, Marcus L, Darren J. Holloway, Terrace, Johann Sebastian Bach and Dj Richard

  • Yol by Altin Gün

  • Stumhetens toner by Isorinne

  • Lucky Jim (Disc 1) by The Gun Club

  • Vråen Centrum by Dag Rosenqvist

  • Hello Death by Malcolm Pardon

  • Drift by hannu karjalainen

  • JAGUAR by Iguana Moonlight

  • Continental Drift by Off Land & Specta Ciera

  • K-Force by Marcus L

  • Marshlights by Darren J. Holloway

  • Isolation EP by Terrace

  • Late Night Tales: Belle & Sebastian, Vol. I by Johann Sebastian Bach

  • XLR8R Influences Podcast by Dj Richard

On The Stereo, 27 Feb 2021, 00:05

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