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On Sun 14 Jul 2024 we listened to: Actress, Kaukolampi, Kenneth James Gibson & Paul Carman, Babe Roots, Oren Ambarchi, OREN AMBARCHI/JOHAN BERTHLING/ANDREAS WERLIIN and Iliaque

  • AZD by Actress

  • BS/BF by Kaukolampi

  • Murals For Immersion by Kenneth James Gibson & Paul Carman

  • Babe Roots LP by Babe Roots

  • R.I.P. by Actress

  • Ghosted II by Oren Ambarchi


  • 88 by Actress

  • Air Texture Vol. VI – Selected by Steffi and Martyn by Actress

  • Ghettoville by Actress

  • Mahorka Remixes Vol.6 by Iliaque

On The Stereo, 15 Jul 2024, 00:05

Listening to...

On Sat 13 Jul 2024 we listened to: Actress, Nils Frahm, POLIDO, Mark Templeton, clocolan, English Teacher, Jana Horn, Hologram Teen, Holy Tongue, John Roseboro and Mei Semones, DJ Cam, Slowdive, Tiny Ruins, Ruth Garbus and Wist

  • Splazsh by Actress

  • Statik by Actress

  • R.I.P. by Actress

  • Music for Animals by Nils Frahm

  • Xoul by Actress

  • Hearing Smoke by POLIDO

  • Inner Light by Mark Templeton

  • Rainy Dub by Actress

  • incide by clocolan

  • Nearly Daffodils by English Teacher

  • The Window Is The Dream by Jana Horn

  • Day-Glo Heatwave EP by Hologram Teen

  • Deliverance And Spiritual Warfare by Holy Tongue

  • Said the Gramophone's Best Songs of 2023 by John Roseboro and Mei Semones


  • everything is alive by Slowdive

  • Ceremony by Tiny Ruins

  • Alive People by Ruth Garbus

  • Untitled by Actress

  • Bird Matrix (Remixes) by Actress

  • eleventh hour by Wist

  • HAZYVILLE LP by Actress

  • [unclassified] by Actress

On The Stereo, 14 Jul 2024, 00:05

Listening to...

On Fri 12 Jul 2024 we listened to: Onra, The Black Dog, Plant43, Xylitol, Myriam Gendron, KUGELSCHREIBER, Sepehr, Elori Saxl, nkisi and Arushi Jain

  • Nosthaigia by Onra

  • Other, Like Me by The Black Dog

  • The Unfading Spark by Plant43

  • Anemones by Xylitol

  • Not So Deep As A Well by Myriam Gendron

  • Cheerleaders by KUGELSCHREIBER

  • Genesis Domain by Sepehr

  • Drifts and Surfaces by Elori Saxl

  • The Altar by nkisi

  • Delight by Arushi Jain

On The Stereo, 13 Jul 2024, 00:05

How does Shazam work - old article but still interesting. Christophe Kalenzaga discusses tones, timbres, quantization, frequemcies and spectrograms as he tries to understand the mechanisms behind Shazam

Noted, 12 Jul 2024, 14:22

The Proper Way to Listen - in which Chris Dalla Riva considers track sequence and challenging yourself by breaking from that sequence

Noted, 12 Jul 2024, 14:21

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