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Now Playing Let The Air by Taranoya from Becoming

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On Sun 19 Sep 2021 we listened to: Taranoya, Radioactive Man, Evil House Party, L-R, Darkstar, The Pilotwings, Victor Valiant, Remco Beekwilder, Bastinov, Promising/Youngster, Ara U / Radioactive Man and I Hate Models

  • Becoming by Taranoya

  • White Light Monochrome EP by Radioactive Man

  • Grand Theft Audio by Evil House Party

  • The Rambler EP by L-R

  • Civic Jams by Darkstar


  • The Engine Ep by Radioactive Man

  • Gnash by Radioactive Man

  • gnarl by Radioactive Man

  • Sonicus Croniclus Vol 1 by Radioactive Man

  • Waits and Measures Remixes by Radioactive Man

  • Go Ahead London/Hectors Blues by Radioactive Man

  • V is for Victor by Victor Valiant

  • Tales From Tramkade I by Remco Beekwilder

  • Doors to Manual by Radioactive Man

  • Long Lost - Single by Taranoya

  • Origine by Bastinov

  • [AF039] Balance EP by Promising/Youngster

  • Plastic Attack EP by Ara U / Radioactive Man

  • Werewolf Disco Club by I Hate Models

  • The Room EP by Radioactive Man

  • The Radioacid Box by Radioactive Man

  • I'm Still Here by Taranoya

On The Stereo, 20 Sep 2021, 00:05

Listening to...

On Sat 18 Sep 2021 we listened to: Gcom, HTRK, Fluxion, Lisa Lerkenfeldt, discusster and Florian Kupfer

  • E2-XO by Gcom

  • Rhinestones by HTRK

  • Parallel Moves by Fluxion

  • Collagen by Lisa Lerkenfeldt

  • Compy 4 by discusster

  • [JGT60] "Unit" by Florian Kupfer

  • Compy 19 by discusster

  • Compy 47 by discusster

  • Compy 46 by discusster

On The Stereo, 19 Sep 2021, 00:05

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