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Compy 47

A new mixtape with a few of the bangers, belters and beauties I've fallen in love with over the last few months

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Mix, 05 Aug 2021, 09:33

Listening to...

On Wed 04 Aug 2021 we listened to: Lena Raine, Röyksopp, Stigma, DJ Food, NENE H, LDS, Erasure, The Magnetic Fields, Alan Backdrop, DJ Juuko, Chlär, Overmono, Donato Dozzy, Chaperone, Skream, K-Hand, Lisa Lerkenfeldt, Emika, Richie Hawtin, JUNGLE GYM Records and discusster

  • Chicory: A Colorful Tale (Original Soundtrack) by Lena Raine

  • Röyksopp's Night Out (Live EP) by Röyksopp

  • PESS004 - Stigma - Too Long LP by Stigma

  • Kaleidoscope Companion by DJ Food

  • Ali علي by NENE H

  • src002 by LDS

  • The Neon Remixed by Erasure

  • Get Lost by The Magnetic Fields

  • src001 by Alan Backdrop

  • [UDG 0.53] "Filter Loops" by DJ Juuko

  • Sacrificed Generations by Chlär

  • fabric presents Overmono by Overmono

  • Le Confort Electronique by Donato Dozzy

  • [UDG 0.54] "Dubbed To Brasil (Volume II)" by Chaperone

  • Trees by Skream

  • Dat Troit EP by K-Hand

  • HER 他 Transmission 067 by Lisa Lerkenfeldt

  • Angel Come (feat Liela Moss) by Emika

  • Syntax by Richie Hawtin

  • [UDG 0.52] "100% Jungle Gym Cassette Mix" by JUNGLE GYM Records

  • Compy 47 by discusster

On The Stereo, 05 Aug 2021, 00:05

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