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On Sat 23 Oct 2021 we listened to: Low, HTRK, Belong, Optimo Music and discusster

  • HEY WHAT by Low

  • Rhinestones by HTRK

  • Venus in Leo by HTRK

  • Common Era by Belong

  • Psychic 9-5 Club by HTRK

  • THE WORD IS LOVE mixtape by JD Twitch by Optimo Music

  • Compy 49 by discusster

On The Stereo, 24 Oct 2021, 00:05

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On Fri 22 Oct 2021 we listened to: Khruangbin, Luca Durán, HTRK, Sarah Davachi, Johanna Elina Sulkunen, Om Unit, Ross From Friends, KMRU & Echium, L-R, Slam, Claudio PRC, Neoslave, Tensal, Non Reversible, Andrew Pekler & Giuseppe Ielasi, Exterminador, Neil Landstrumm, The Modernist, Maruwa, Benjamin Fröhlich, Contours, The Slits, Benjamin Finger, Anastasia Kristensen, NNHMN and NTBTR

  • Version Excursion - Selected By Don Letts by Khruangbin

  • Libertas by Luca Durán

  • Rhinestones by HTRK

  • Antiphonals by Sarah Davachi

  • Terra by Johanna Elina Sulkunen

  • Flux by Om Unit

  • Tread by Ross From Friends

  • Peripheral by KMRU & Echium

  • The Rambler EP by L-R

  • Louder Than Chaos Vol.1 by Slam

  • Rites Of Passage by Claudio PRC

  • Unparallel by Neoslave

  • Tremendous Satan´s Doom by Tensal

  • Mental Absorbing EP by Non Reversible

  • Palimpsests by Andrew Pekler & Giuseppe Ielasi

  • BM8 by Exterminador

  • Yell Yell EP by Neil Landstrumm

  • Total The Modernist by The Modernist

  • Steel City Dance Discs Volume 24 by Maruwa

  • Eternity by Benjamin Fröhlich

  • The Programme / Conga Quinto (Dub) by Contours

  • Cut by The Slits

  • Planet Exile by Benjamin Finger

  • Volshebno EP by Anastasia Kristensen

  • Tomorrow's Heroine by NNHMN

  • Goodbye, I Love You by NTBTR


On The Stereo, 23 Oct 2021, 00:05

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