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The Gaye Device - Structures

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Structures by The Gaye Device

Shimmering structures

Beginning with Getting Back To Before It Began, the shimmering synths, pulsing in dead slow motion, indicate the planned itinerary Andrew Howden's new album Structures wishes to take the listener. Whether he's 'getting back' to a Kosmische past or the point before the drugs took hold, is less important, the key takeaway is: this delightful Ambient album allows you to go anywhere you like.

If you only listen to one track

Desolate Purity


Vanity Productions, Abul Mogard, Rafael Anton Irisarri


Submarine Broadcasting Company

Artist website

The Gaye Device

Release date

05 Jul 2021


  1. Getting Back To Before It Began
  2. The Other Where The Other When
  3. Heavenly Toy
  4. Lay In Timeless Power
  5. Desolate Purity
  6. Visit Beautiful Oblivion
  7. Beyond The Immemorial Light


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