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2nd Life Silk

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2nd Life Silk by Various

Stylish ten year celebratory compilation from LA label 100% Silk

As any self-respecting celebratory compilation should, this eleven tracker from hip LA label 100% Silk delivers 100% quality (yeah, no filler). The equal weight of tracks with blissed-out electronic grooves, like DJ Panthr's Ancient Air and Glo Phase's Shell Sounds, with those of a more perky variety, like Heady Kandy's Cluster and Taped Over Memory's Transfer A is key to its smooth success, ensuring repeat listens are purely for pleasure. More than a few absolute belters in there too!

If you only listen to one track

Heady Kandy - Cluster


100% Silk

Release date

25 Jun 2021


  1. Taped Over Memory - Transfer A
  2. Blair Sound Design - Brass Grass (Dry Mix)
  3. DJ Panthr - Ancient Air
  4. René Najera - Movement
  5. Heady Kandy - Cluster
  6. Indopan - Primers
  7. Glo Phase - Shell Sounds
  8. Cafe Ale - Away Away
  9. Samsuo - Amongst It All
  10. Soshi Takeda - Deep Breath
  11. Loveshadow - Candlelight (To Albion)


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