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Compy 47


Compy 47

A new mixtape with a few of the bangers, belters and beauties I've fallen in love with over the last few months

I know I always promise (to myself at least) to put my compies together on a more regular basis but, for one reason or another, things usually conspire against me (time being the biggest culprit). It's ironic then that I've managed to knock one out at a time when I seem to be juggling more things than usual.

Given the incredible amount of music being released this year, and at such a high rate and quality, choosing a top-notch bunch of tracks was rather easy. In fact, I could have made about five one hour mixtapes from my initial selection of "best tracks of 2021 so far"... so stand by, there be more to follow!

  1. E.S.O - Red Curtain

    From an upcoming remix package of two E.S.O (Earth Space Object) tracks (Red Curtain and Magic 777) the former boldly delivers a delicious 80s Italo Disco Darkwave vibe

  2. Sylph - In The Morning Light

    Taken from the riveting debut EP from former S.C.U.M founder and vocalist Thomas Cohen, In The Morning Light is electronic Pop of the highest order: addictive heavy Pop. Read my review of the EP Silver As It Was Before

  3. Arnaud Rebotini - Shiny Black Leather

    Like a combination of the first two tracks, this Darkwave-style inclusion from the French producer marries a goth vocal with a ruffling electronic riff. And that little scream followed by the kicking riff at 1:50 is rather superb. Taken from an EP of the same name: Shiny Black Leather

  4. Anz - Unravel In The Designated Zone

    Debut release on her own label Otras Mitades, this track by UK artist Anz has such a memorable synth line it'll be lingering around in your head for a long time.

  5. Cromby - Qué Sientes (feat. Tee Amara)

    The Northern Ireland producer Chris McCormick, aka Cromby, teamed up with Spanish singer Tee Amara on this gorgeous track called Qué Sientes; it's electronic Pop perfection.

  6. Bite the Boxer - Human Atmosphere

    Switching the mood up with this one: Human Atmosphere has great samples, a melancholy melody and a slightly weird vibe altogether, but I love it! From the UK producer Bite The Boxer, whose new album is The '86 Sound is out soon

  7. Earth Boys - Okokok

    Upbeat party vibes from the Brooklyn-based duo Julian Duron and Michael Sherburn. Taken from their Automatic EP on Shall Not Fade, the a middle eastern hook (courtesy of the vocals) combined with the AcidSax nails it for me.
  8. Longhair - Ja wie? – 80 bpm

    Trance-infused electronica from new EP of the same name. The slowed-down 80 BPM version steals the show

  9. Not Waving - Hold On feat. Marie Davidson

    One of many highlights from the Not Waving album How To Leave Your Body, has the same sad vibe as Bite The Boxer

  10. Charlie Charlie - Save Us feat. Mapei

    From an album of dreamy summer Pop Save Us (featuring Mapei) is my highlight. The band is Charlie Charlie, a new side project from Bella Boo and Chords and the album is called Little Things. Like a gentle summer breeze, it won't fail to warm and uplift the tired and weary. Mapei has such an amazing voice and truly elevates this track

  11. Runningonair - Less Than Human (Stadium Mix)

    More 80s-inspired electronica delivered with a melancholy mood, courtesy of a robotic voice that is slightly more than a robot. Taken from the album Conspiracy Theory

  12. KMRU - Byculla

    His music is ubiquitous at the moment, which is exactly what we want from an artist who can do no wrong. This gem Byculla, appeared on the second Injazero Records compilation which came out earlier this year, and draws theatre and atmosphere from an African vocal. It patiently builds and builds for nearly five minutes before the glorious tribal drums drop

  13. Invisible Temple - Twisted Roots

    Dubbed-out electronica from new project Invisible Temple, aka Benjamin Fröhlich and Bostro Pesopeo. This is the opening track from their debut album Self Hypnosis on Permanent Vacation

  14. Tamburi Neri - Hashiru feat. Hiroko

    My track of the year so far! That wormy 106 BPM rhythm, combined with Hiroko's mesmerising vocal contribution, will leave you transfixed. The whole Urlo EP, from which it comes, is also superb (read my review)

  15. Om Unit - Circled

    As I said in my review of the album, when Dub and Acid meet, tremendous volcanic explosions sometimes occur. Jim Coles having fun with his TB-303 and every track is sublime, but there's something seductive about Circled

  16. Keeley Forsyth - Start Again

    Closing track from Keeley Forsyth's 2020 album Debris feels like a suitable ending point for this selection. Like many of the previous inclusions, it holds a somewhat sad sound with its stripped back electronic rhythm and vocals 

Time 1hr 7mins. Size: 154MB. Quality: 320kbs. Download Compy 47.

Please note that only the last three compilations will be available for download, but from Compy 29 you will always be able to stream them on Mixcloud.



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