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fabric presents Overmono

Buzz Buzz Buzz

fabric presents by Overmono

One of the best fabric mixes, ever!

I don't say this lightly either. I've been collecting the fabric mixes from near enough day one and know them quite intimately and can honestly say that this contribution from the London duo is up there with Aim, Radioactive Man, dBridge & Instra:mental, The Freestylers, Sandwell District, Sinden, Jackmaster, Evil Nine, Shackleton, Michael Mayer, Ricardo Villalobos and Octo Octa & Eris Drew.

In their own words:

this mix is a nod to music scenes past and present

And there in lies their secret, dropping a few classics in amongst a stack of contemporary cuts while managing to keep things very fresh, almost euphoric, at times. The pace jogs along with decisive intent, a few quality vocal tracks interspersed with all the most tasteful genres you like, including a couple of exclusives (from Blawan and Orca). L.B.Dub Corp's I Have A Dream ft Benjamin Zephaniah and their own remix of I Have A Love by For Those I Love are two particular standout moments. Get on this right away.

If you only listen to one track

L.B.Dub Corp - I Have A Dream ft Benjamin Zephaniah


fabric Records

Artist website


Release date

16 Jul 2021


  1. Overmono - So U Kno
  2. Plastikman - Fuk
  3. Artwork - The Soul (Mixed)
  4. Foremost Poets - MoonRaker
  5. Milanese - Billy Hologram
  6. Antonio - Hyperfunk
  7. Overmono - If U Ever
  8. DJ Zank - Pegassans
  9. Surgeon | James Ruskin - Sound Pressure Part 3
  10. Holy Ghost - 4AM At The Crying Cactus
  11. L.B.Dub Corp - I Have A Dream ft Benjamin Zephaniah
  12. For Those I Love - I Have A Love (Overmono Remix)
  13. DJ Misjah - Victim
  14. Powder - Lost Of Light
  15. Overmono - BMW Track
  16. LCY - shhh
  17. Vex'd - Pop Pop
  18. Robert Fleck - Bromine
  19. Anz - Morphing Into Brighter (Mixed)
  20. Actress - Caves Of Paradise
  21. Remarc - Thunderclap (Dubplate Mix) (Mixed)
  22. Equiknoxx - A Rabbit Spoke To Me & Then iWoke Up
  23. Ed Rush & Optical - Bacteria
  24. Orca - Intellect
  25. Smith & Mighty - Film Score
  26. Blawan - Fourth Dimensional
  27. Roy Of The Ravers - Erolfa
  28. Sockethead - When I Close My Eyes I See Paint
  29. 1995 epilepsy - get 2 kno


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