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Tag: electronic

King Ugly Delight - National Disaster

The perverse artist name may be tongue-in-cheek (or self-deprecating) and the label name Shite Music For Shite People doesn't soften the grisly effect, but the self-described "abrasive experimental punktronica" is unequivocally bang on. Check out the manic title track from the debut album National Disgrace.

Tune, 10 May 2021, 19:08

New EP from Ziur called Now Now out now on her own Smol label

Noted, 22 Jan 2021, 08:12

Arcsec - Crystals

Here's new London duo Arcsec and debut track Crystals, with flavours of Four Tet and Bicep.

Tune, 19 Jan 2021, 08:35

Pop 2020 - my fav electronic music

A mixtape-style showcase of the Pop-veering music I loved in 2020

Listen to the mix

Mix, 03 Jan 2021, 17:41

Ambient 2020 - my fav electronic music

2020's downtempo music that gave me refuge

Listen to the mix

Mix, 01 Jan 2021, 15:54

Techno 2020 - my fav electronic music

Some of the best upbeat electronic music I had the pleasure of listening to in 2020

Listen to the mix

Mix, 27 Dec 2020, 15:54

Julia Bondar's live sets always scratch my itch, and this one's no exception:

Contains a few tracks from her new mini-album Industrial Symphony, to be released on 16th September via Endorphin.es Production.

Noted, 29 Aug 2020, 18:07

HAAi - Head Above The Parakeets

Fusing an electronic Pop sensibility with madcap drums and treated vocals, the hazy vibe that emerges is like a drug-induced state. Put Your Head Above The Parakeets is the lead track from HAAi’s forthcoming four-track EP, out on 12” and digitally on 11 September 2020.

Tune, 25 Jul 2020, 12:15

Kelpe - Run With the Floating, Weightless Slowness

Magical downtempo electronic escapism


General, 17 Feb 2020, 20:03

T.U.N. - Jason

Electronic meets Jazz and I like it a lot!


General, 29 Jan 2020, 21:11

De Lichting - Twee

Deep and melodic Dutch Electronic showcase


General, 28 Dec 2018, 12:40

Trentemoller - Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02

The Danish musician returns with a second Harbour Boat Trips compilation


General, 12 Dec 2018, 09:22

Map.Ache - Giegling Mix 09

Beautiful mix from the German producer Map.Ache for the Giegling mix series

Listen to the mix

Mix, 05 Dec 2018, 18:05

Amirali - Heights Of Ecstasy

The Dark Matters boss with his second EP of the year!


General, 23 Nov 2018, 08:05


A free 15 track compilation from Houndstooth to celebrate 5 years in business


General, 27 Feb 2018, 08:45

Five Years of Soigne Tes Oreilles

Superb eight track review of the French label as the celebrate their fifth birthday


General, 31 Dec 2017, 15:18


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