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Meemo Comma - Neon Genesis: Soul Into Matter²

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Neon Genesis: Soul Into Matter² by Meemo Comma

Not just another imaginary soundtrack

The best albums usually take a few rotations to seep in to your psyche before that exultant moment of self-realisation hits and Lara Rix-Martin's fourth LP fits that bill precisely. With just the right level of earwormy melody, the first few listens snag you but only after repeat listens does it slowly reveal a darker, more challenging proposal, and ultimately a fine balance.

The idea of an imaginary soundtrack isn't new but the subject of a genderless, computer-charged utopian future inspired by Jewish folklore certainly is, and Rix-Martin juxtaposes soothing synths and roughshod rhythms with breakbeats and filmic samples of Kabbalah texts to present an arresting experience.

If you only listen to one track



Ziúr, Lee Gamble, Aïsha Devi


Planet Mu

Artist website

Meemo Comma

Release date

19 Mar 2021


  1. Upload To Unit Kadmon
  2. Neon Genesis: Title Sequence
  3. Tikkun Olam
  4. Ein Sof
  5. Tzimtzum
  6. Gevurah
  7. Genesis 8:22 - Annihilation
  8. Tohu & Tikun
  9. Tif'eret
  10. Unit Chai
  11. Yetzirah
  12. Merkabah
  13. Nefesh
  14. End Credits


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