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Pop 2020 - my fav electronic music


Pop 2020 - my fav electronic music

A mixtape-style showcase of the Pop-veering music I loved in 2020

What I call Pop is most likely different to what you call Pop. Here's my take:

  • Pop (usually) has lyrics
  • Pop (usually) has a sing-along chorus
  • Pop always has a hummable or memorable melody
  • Pop rarely has a regular 4 on the floor rhythm
  • Pop lifts the spirits
  • Pop can start a conversation
  • I could add any of these Pop tracks to a mixtape for my sister and she'd quite like them

So here's a mixtape of 20 Pop tracks to sing-along to, lift your spirits and talk about. Should neatly fit onto a a C90 cassette!

  1. Rhys Fulber - Slip It In (feat. Sara Taylor)
  2. MC Yallah & Eomac - Mama Waliwamanyii (EeOo Club Edit)
  3. Michael Mayer - Higher
  4. Men With Secrets - Aletheia
  5. ascendant vierge - Influenceur
  6. Two Tribes - Cruel Sensuality
  7. HOLST - Keep It Together
  8. Chavinski - Hit The Way
  9. Hilary Woods - Tongues of Wild Boar
  10. JPATTERSSON - Golden Streets
  11. Dune Messiah - I Headed For The Dancers
  12. Milo Korbenski - Afterlove
  13. charles webster - This Is Real (ft Shara Nelson)
  14. Il Quadro di Troisi - Raggio verde
  15. Cut Copy - Like Breaking Glass
  16. Borusiade - Lament (Fortunate Isolation)
  17. Scintii - Times New Roman
  18. Daniel Avery - Lone Swordsman
  19. Darkstar - Loon
  20. ARU - Fighting Hatred 

Time 91mins. Size: 221MB. Quality: 320kbs. Download Pop 2020.

Please note that only the last three compilations will be available for download, but from Compy 29 you will always be able to stream them on Mixcloud.

Buy the music

Like the Techno 2020 and Ambient 2020 mixes, I've put together a Buy Music Club mix for for all my fav Pop tracks 2020.



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