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Aleksi Perälä - CYCLES 3 星辰

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CYCLES 3 星辰 by Aleksi Perälä

Cyclic patterns, chiming and charming

This is part three in a recent series of albums called Cycles where the general concept sees the unique Finnish producer work with sequences of chiming notes, descending and ascending, to create a hypnotic rhythm. Bolstered by icy synths and underplayed percussion, he explores an element of repetition, at once echoing the individual arrangement of notes in each track while building a sense of narrative that repeats through the whole.

While this third installment leans more to the Ambient side of electronic music, the sense of movement, like the natural flow of water, resonates throughout. Gentle and glorious, chiming and charming.

If you only listen to one track



Bochum Welt, Aphex Twin


Self released

Artist website

Aleksi Perälä

Release date

17 Jan 2022


  1. FI3AC2262010
  2. FI3AC2262020
  3. FI3AC2262030
  4. FI3AC2262040
  5. FI3AC2262050
  6. FI3AC2262060


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