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Stillhead - UKBMix 063

Future Dub mix from Scottish producer Stillhead

Enjoyable mix from Alex Cowles, aka Stillhead, for the UK Bass Music website. He says:

[This mix] tackles my obsession with the combination of dub-influence, and multiple genres of deep electronic music. It’s the sort of thing I’d love to play out, it’s the way my productions are going and it’s sort of flirting with this idea of “future dub” which I’d like to try and nail down as a sound


  • Babe Roots – World Struggle (Ambient Dub)
  • Mr Roque – That Way
  • Nick Rapaccioli – Centred
  • Skruff – Origin
  • Unknown – Drijfzand
  • Dillard – Vision Dub
  • Wax Wings – Rain (Anna Wall Made It Wet Remix)
  • Unknown – Stekkerdoos
  • Frenk Dublin – Brievengat
  • Azu Tiwaline – Izen Zaren
  • Generate – Arousal
  • Roberto Clementi – Conti
  • Stillhead – Flowing
  • Babe Roots – Rawness
  • Stillhead – Slow
  • Leftfield – Chant of a Poor Man (Stillhead Remix)
  • Thugwidow – So Be It (RQ Remix)


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