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Spotify August and September 2020


Spotify August and September 2020

Eighteen tracks I heard in the last eight weeks that sounded good, includes Lisa Lerkenfeldt, Vladislav Delay, Guy Andrews, Crushed Soul (that's Steffi's new project), Vladimir Dubyshkin, Damian Lazarus and the standout track from the new Kelly Lee Owens album featuring John Cale

These Spotify round-ups may sadly be happening less regularly but that only means the quality rises! This selection of eighteen amazing tracks should keep you happy.


  1. Babe Roots – World Struggle (Ambient Dub)
  2. Lisa Lerkenfeldt – Music For Three Combs
  3. Vladislav Delay – Six
  4. Guy Andrews – 1.2
  5. Mattr – Ardr
  6. Isolating – Good And Evil
  7. Skudge – Ifach
  8. CRISPR – Dyad Symmetry
  9. Freek Fabricius – Pigs Are Here!
  10. Tom Jarmey – New Worlds
  11. Crushed Soul – Family of Waves
  12. Mytron & Ofofo – Quest Aula
  13. Logic1000 – Perfume
  14. Murlo – Rattle
  15. Vladimir Dubyshkin – the return of the drunken son
  16. Damian Lazarus – Wild Is Love
  17. Kelly Lee Owens – Corner Of My Sky ft. John Cale
  18. Tetzlaff  –  Reisen 1


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