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Baby T - I Against I


I Against I by Baby T

It's not all about the Junglist shit

Following her Samurai Music release Portra a few months back, like Worzel Gummidge, Baby T, aka Brianna Price, has swapped heads and endowed herself with a new set of skills. While she hollered about working hardcore junglist shit only (I never heard enough to be fully converted to the School of Traits tbh) she's now dipping her toe in the Electro healing pool with more convincing results.

Helping CPU in their effort to de-stigmatise themselves from being labelled "not just an Electro label", Price kicks things off with a pretty decent Electro-infused head-nodder called I Wish. With echoes of Ellen Allien, I'm immediately comfortable with its vibe, and easily matches the high quality of Allien's last two albums. Acid Science follows like a mirror image, essentially the same template technique of repeating the title words in a treated effect coupled with catchy Electro-beats. Works for me.

Estrogen Attitude switches things up somewhat with a nod back to her Junglist aspirations, incorporating pleasing Hardcore rhythms with prickly Electro stabs. If this track signals her intended path, I'm all ears.

Closing things out in fine downbeat fashion, Price presents We Could Disappear, which makes me think of Luke Slater's The 7th Plain track I Think I Think Too Much. Unlike the Ambient mix of Portra, which I felt fell flat, We Could Disappear, offers a deeper Ambient dive, with a delicately balanced tension between melody and texture and a track title that feels quite fitting for today's social and political turmoil.

With a change of heads comes the turning of a few too.

If you only listen to one track

Estrogen Attitude


Pessimist, Ellen Allien, Hodge


Central Processing Unit

Artist website

Baby T

Release date

18 Sep 2020



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