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NADSAT by Various

Compilation of young French producers making music in every shape except classic House, Electro or Techno

This compilation is like a gateway drug, luring in the unaware with sweet goodies like ascendant vierge's Europop Discoteca and Paul Seul's Trance-swathing Circa 2020 while simultaneously whamming you hard with uncompromising Gabber Rap from Evil Grimace and aamourocean's blootering, banging Ecchi. The latter may not be a style of music I'd choose to listen to on purpose but in the context of the fifteen tracks that make up this NADSAT compilation, it's suitably fitting, offsetting the poppier moments with challenging poise. And after nearly 20 listens, I'll admit, my addiction to its rude form is slowly emerging. It's actually the extreme range of styles on offer that perfectly exposes the range of raw, fresh talent cutting through the French underground, drawing a fiercely undulating path over multiple scenes. Time to get the party started, I'm ready for something harder!

If you only listen to one track

Gazouz Blanche by Kabylie Minogue


Because Music

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Release date

25 Sep 2020



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