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This is Techno Jazz Vol 1

Buzz Buzz Buzz

This is Techno Jazz Vol 1 by Various

Techno for connoisseurs

A strong collection of Jazzy Techno from Jazz-O-Tech Records. Fresh (to me at least) talent, like Distant Echoes, Luigi Ranghino, Antares Mates and Aki Himanen sit comfortably alongside established names like Fabrizio Rat, VSK, Flat Maze, Tensal and TUN Torino Unlimited Noise.

If you only listen to one track

Antares Mates - Movimento 2 (Chevel remix)


Max Loderbauer, Ricardo Villalobos



Release date

01 Jul 2020


  1. Distant Echoes - Faction 200 (feat Gianni Denitto )
  2. Wrong Assesment - Nighthawks (feat Gamapawa)
  3. TUN Torino Unlimited Noise - Jason (VSK remix)
  4. Aki Himanen and Aleksi Kinnunen - Dystopian Morning Jam_MIX_EDIT1
  5. Tensal - Devourer of Senses (feat. TUN Torino Unlimited Noise)
  6. Mattia Prete - Burning Man (feat. Daniel Calvi and Uri Gincel)
  7. Antares Mates - Movimento 2 (Chevel remix)
  8. Irakli and Daniel Calvi - Tales From Past and Future
  9. Fabrizio Rat & Gianluca Petrella - Turn
  10. Flat Maze - Petardo Boy
  11. Key Clef & Luigi Ranghino - piano_movimento1


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