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Oora - Memoria

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Memoria by Oora

Dreamy Acid Techno soundtrack to a short story

Preferring the variable, human element that comes from making music with hardware, New York artist Federico Chiesa's set-up is heavily based on the sounds of the iconic Roland TB-303 and TR-808, ranging from Dub Acid to Deep Minimal Techno. His new EP is based on a short story called Allocation, written especially for him by Jack Follman. Here's an excerpt:

The flickering of the screen is the only glare in the small basement room. The floppy disk drive breaks the silence of the late hours with the steady noise of hundreds of clicks. Fragments of songs and dreams held in a small magnetic memory, making the summer heat. Software Failure. Press left mouse button to continue.

It's four tracks of dreamy Acid Techno, reminiscent of Tin Man, and comes supported with two suitably dark remixes from Nadia Struiwigh and ASC.

If you only listen to one track



Tin Man



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Release date

28 Aug 2020



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