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Morgen Wurde & Tis featuring Tetsuroh Konishi - Deutet


Deutet by Morgen Wurde & Tis featuring Tetsuroh Konishi

Let's take a journey into Jazzy Techno

Fans of Kompakt's Pop Ambient series should recognise the name Morgen Wurde (real name Wolfgang Röttger), he's been a regular contributing artist to the celebrated compilation series in recent years. And last year he put his name to a splendid Headphone Commute mix that represents well his interest in the crossover of electronic, Jazz and Classical music. His partner in crime on this EP is Tis, aka fellow German producer Christian Schmidt, and his interest in music composition leans more to the floor than Wurde's. Deutet is their third collaboration, following the Zeitigt EP and Vermacht LP, both from 2020. As with Zeitigt, the pair have joined forces with further cohorts, in this case, Japanese trumpeter Tetsuroh Konishi, who brings his dulcet trumpet tones to a couple of tracks.

Comprising five tracks, two of which are remixes of the title track, the Deutet EP is essentially five distinct tracks, ranging in style from Richtet's upbeat mash-up of spoken word, moody bass and Konishi's floating trumpet to the Ambient fallout of Synthese's remix of Deutet. The concept behind the EP (Deutet translates as "interprets") is about capturing the essence of Dasein (a German word for "being there" or "existence"). And this idea is perhaps best embodied on the title track where Konishi is given plenty of space to stretch his elbows, turning his dubby parps into a dreamy, personal performance. Instrumental Wahrt delivers luxury in surplus quantity while the Dub version of Deutet is the quintessential Jazz-o-Tech sound, merging Jazzy piano, ominous synths, a groovy bassline and a minimal Techno rhythm. From an abstract angle, it simply sounds great.

If you only listen to one track

Deutet (Synthese Remix)


Flat Maze, Mattia Prete, TUN Torino Unlimited Noise


Jazz-o-Tech Records

Release date

24 Sep 2021


  1. Richtet feat. Tetsuroh Konishi
  2. Deutet feat. Tetsuroh Konishi
  3. Wahrt
  4. Deutet  (Deep Edit)
  5. Deutet (Synthese Remix)


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