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Mattia Prete - Moon, Please Don't Go Away

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Moon, Please Don't Go Away by Mattia Prete

Lively collaborative EP of Techno Jazz sizzlers

Jazz-o-Tech heid-yin Mattia Prete grabs the baton for the next release on his sterling label, racing towards the winning line triumphantly. On Moon, Please Don't Go Away he combines his experience in freeform Jazz improvisation with trusted Techno collaborators Alberto Fiori, Uri Gincel, Daniel Calvi and French trio Bada-Bada, running the full gamut of emotions down the home straight. The result is four powerful compositions that make the hairs on your neck erect! The Techno/Jazz hybrid hasn't sounded so good.

Spanish artist Reeko turns in an invigorating remix of Prete and Calvi's track Stein, which would be the highlight were it not for Bada-Bada's The Bright Side, which encapsulates the label's ethos perfectly with its rumbling rhythms and saxophone.

If you only listen to one track

The Bright Side


Bada-Bada, Torino Unlimited Noise


Jazz-o-Tech Records

Artist website

Mattia Prete

Release date

09 Jul 2021


  1. Moon, Please Don't Go Away (feat. Alberto Fiori)
  2. The Bright Side (feat. Bada-Bada)
  3. Burning Man (feat. Uri Gincel & Daniel Calvi)
  4. Stein (feat. Daniel Calvi)
  5. Stein (feat. Daniel Calvi) (Reeko Remix)


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