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Flat Maze - Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria by Flat Maze

Second scintillating EP of hybrid Techno and Jazz

Jazz-o-Tech Records have been championing the scintillating crossover of Jazz and Techno for the last few years with more than a few notable highlights (check out the This is Techno Jazz Vol 1 compilation for a perfect introduction). My particular fav is Flat Maze, a duo comprising Italian Stefano Mori on electronics and guitar and Tel-Aviv born Uri Gincel on piano, who return with Gran Canaria, their second EP for the label following their 2018 debut Dick Dunker. For fans of Floating Points or Actress their music likewise carries a gravitas fitting for the more discerning listener. Three quality originals and two fine remixes (from Arnaud Le Texier and Dinamite) make this an essential package.

If you only listen to one track

Petardo Boy (feat. Sebastian Studnitzy)


Floating Points, Actress


Jazz-o-Tech Records

Artist website

Flat Maze

Release date

09 Apr 2021


  1. Gran Canaria
  2. Petardo Boy feat. Sebastian Studnitzky
  3. Golden Cat
  4. Petardo Boy (Dinamite Remix)
  5. Gran Canaria (Arnaud Le Texier Remix)


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