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dj poolboi - into blue light

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into blue light by dj poolboi

House turns emo

I've been subscribed to the excellent Shall Not Fade label on Bandcamp for the last 18 months and it's basically a conveyor belt of bangers. While most releases take the form of four track EPs, every now and then they drop an album, like this one from Austin native Adam Ansley. And what a pleasant surprise it's been!

Opening track won’t let it ruin my mood fits in well with the whole Shall Not Fade ethos, jolly House beats, chipmunk vocals and very melodic. But that vibe quickly changes on second track, for the last time, which sounds decidely like an Indie guitar band experimenting with drum machines and synths, with its high-tempo Bruce Springsteen electronic riff! Then, a neat side-step into a massive vocal track (probably my fav on the album, featuring DJ Cinema Quartier Latin) before we're back to the driving House beats, this time with a crisp piano loop topline. Then from last call, the vibe turns decidely Downtempo (with the exception of penultimate track agape), with the subsequent tracks featurning strings, haunting piano, soft synths and low BPMs. And no shortage of melody. It's all very emotional. And the tracks are Pop-length, making things very accessible. Ansley's onto a winner here.

If you only listen to one track

know each other so well ft. DJ Cinema Quartier Latin


nthng, Seb Wildblood, Royksopp


Shall Not Fade

Artist website

dj poolboi

Release date

21 Feb 2024


  1. won’t let it ruin my mood
  2. for the last time
  3. know each other so well ft. DJ Cinema Quartier Latin
  4. the joy you once felt
  5. last call
  6. you’re not a burden
  7. wherever you end up
  8. with you all my fears wash away
  9. sing to me
  10. agape (dj poolboi cover)
  11. build a life together


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