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Cabbaggage - Microscripts

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Microscripts by Cabbaggage

Piano music inspired by the Swiss writer Robert Walser

Cabbaggage is Canadian pianist and composer Levi Kempster and Microscripts is an album of eleven meditations based on 'microscripts' written by Swiss writer Robert Walser. Semi-improvised, the music is gentle, sombre and mysterious.

If you only listen to one track

M. 337: Radio


Submarine Broadcasting Company

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Release date

20 Feb 2023


  1. M. 337: Radio
  2. M. 39: Pencil Sketch
  3. M. 389: New Year's Page
  4. M. 54: So here was a book again
  5. M. 419: The failure to prize the chance
  6. M. 47: As I was instructed by a book
  7. M. 215: A will to shake that refined individual
  8. M. 9: Jaunts elegant in nature
  9. M. 72: Autumn (II)
  10. M. 23 and 407: A Drive
  11. M. 50: My subject here is a victor


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