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Optimo 25

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Optimo 25 by Various

You love our ears, and we're thankful

With a tracklist reading like a who's-who in the wondrous world of Optimo, the renowned Glasgow DJ duo, JD Twitch and Jonnie Wilkes, celebrate 25 years of the famous club night by presenting a typically diverse selection of the tracks they used to play - the fan's favourites. With a connecting electronic thread going from Reggae and Dub to Ambient and Bleep, it shouldn't surprise anyone that every track is essential; each capturing a unique facet of the Optimo profile across the years.

If you only listen to one track

Keith Hudson - Nah Skin up Dub


Above Board Projects

Release date

02 Feb 2024


  1. Tim J. Lawrence - Fireplay
  2. Robert Rental - Double Heart
  3. African Head Charge - No, Don't Follow Fashion
  4. Keith Hudson - Nah Skin up Dub
  5. Smokin' Cheeba - When I Was A Youth
  6. The Wad - 15 Inches
  7. Idjut Boys - Foolin' (Beatin' On Dave)
  8. Chris & Cosey - Take Control
  9. Isolators - Concentrate On Us
  10. Mike Dunn - Life Goes On
  11. KC Flightt - Voices (Dub Mix)
  12. Hannah Holland - Ekotypic
  13. XS-5 - I Need Love (Extended Dance Version)
  14. Liquid Liquid - Optimo


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