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Compy 49


Compy 49

Piano, acoustic guitar and gentle vibes

Under 45 minutes of delightful music made with pianos, guitar, synths and other classical instruments. Stick it onto both sides of a cassette and never be disappointed which side you choose.

  1. Made For Humans - Macrocosm

    Made For Humans is Stefan Olsdal (the guy out of Placebo but not singer Brian Molko) and Digital 21 and they released an eponymous lockdown album late last year. Built on a combination of piano, synth and choral, every track delivers a soothing and uplifting balm. I could have picked any but I felt Macrocosm was a bewitching opening statement

  2. Silvia Tarozzi - Al cancello

    Another beautiful track that was released last year, Al cancello opens Silvia Tarozzi's album Mi specchio e rifletto in memorable style with her violin playing and a heavenly melody on the flute (or piccolo?)

  3. Christine Ott - Landscape

    From the French composer's Time to Die album, Landscape uses a ghostly choral underpinned by piano. Read my review of Time To Die

  4. Lena Raine - Wielder Temple

    With extremely high production values throughout, Wielder Temple is one of 60 breathtakingly varied instrumentals taken from the original soundtrack for the computer game Chicory: A Colorful Tale. The track combines flute/recorder with timpani and acoustic guitar for an arresting composition

  5. Haku Sungho - 或る景

    From Korean-Japanese sound artist Haku Sungho's The Farthest Creole album, released via Bedouin Records in early 2021, this lo-fi, bare-bones vignette, largely just voice and acoustic guitar, offers perfect contrast to the previous track

  6. Celestial - Hat Full Of Rain

    More guitar, this time gently strummed, along with wavering synths and fireworks. Celestial is an English duo on the same label as Romance, Not Waving, Spivak and claire rousay (ECSTATIC)

  7. Malcolm Pardon - Blood in Water

    Up there in the list of best albums of the year (I predict anyway) Malcolm Pardon (the good looking one from electronic duo Roll The Dice, along with Peder Mannerfelt) released a depressing but utterly beautiful album of downtempo and Ambient this year called Hello Death ('nuff said). Blood in Water is deeply melancholy. Read my review of Hello Death

  8. Lunar Orbit Rendezvous - Music For Spaceports

    One of the more introspective cuts from Belfast producer Gregory Ferguson's second album Faith/Reason, keeps the mood at this point in the compilation reverentially low. Read my review of Faith/Reason

  9. NOX - Premier Croissant

    What a find NOX was this year. If I wasn't scrobbling all my tracks I'd have lost count of the number of times I'd fallen asleep to the NOX album (a lot). NOX is Lucas Noir and the album Premier Croissant comes from is called toi et moi. It's essentially just piano and a little synth embellishment, much in the vein of Einaudi

  10. Kiri Ra! - Haplo'os

    In my review, I described the self-titled Kiri Ra! album as slow-motion Jazz for lovers of Ambient - seductive, mellow and revealing and Haplo'os is easily the star of the show. The piano and saxophone combo is simple perfection. Read my review of Kiri Ra!

Time 44mins. Size: 105MB. Quality: 320kbs. Download Compy 49.

Please note that only the last three compilations will be available for download, but from Compy 29 you will always be able to stream them on Mixcloud.



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