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Compy 29
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Here's a new compilation that brings together some of the best music I've been listening to for the last few months. Includes Leyland Kirby, A Sagittariun, Shackleton, Special Request, Burial and Illum Sphere.

There's an electro element to this compilation with tracks from Wooky, Anodyne and Gesaffelstein, but it's mostly punchy, tuneful tracks from artists at the top of their game.

I started using Mixcloud last time, with Compy 28, thinking listeners would prefer to stream rather than download, but I had a couple of requests for a download link, so here you go:

Time 1:04:36. Size: 126MB. Quality: 273kbs. Download Compy 29.

Please note that only the last three compilations will be available for download. You can always stream on Mixcloud though.


# Artist Track Album Time
1 Missy Elliott Sock It 2 Me (Kaytranada Remix) - 4:06
2 A Sagittariun Conquering Lions Dream Ritual 6:52
3 Wooky Inner Maristany Montjuïc 4:07
4 Anodyne The Art of Fire Fractured EP 5:42
5 Shackleton Silver Keys Freezing Opening Thawing 6:30
6 Gesaffelstein Values Aleph 3:59
7 Leyland Kirby Last Ditch Legacy Breaks My Heart Each Time 7:38
8 Special Request Lolita (Warehouse Mix) Soul Music 7:36
9 House of Black Lanterns feat. Ghettozoid Broken (_Unsubscribe_ Remix) HTH vs HTH 5:47
10 Burial Rival Dealer Rival Dealer 10:46
11 Illum Sphere Liquesce Ghosts Of Then And Now 2:40
Compy 29