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Zhalih - They Call

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They Call by Zhalih

Fragile electronic acoustic Pop

They Call is the second album from US singer/songwriter Hannah Zhalih Mickunas, aka Zhalih, and features 19 tracks of lo-fi delight. Her voice carries the fragility of Elliot Smith and the quirkiness of Will Oldham, delicately supported by a stripped-bare musical foundation (guitar and/or electronics), while some tracks are simply a capella.

If you only listen to one track

Crying Like A Lamp


Bonnie Prince Billy, Elliott Smith, Lindsay Reamer


Laaps Records

Artist website


Release date

25 Oct 2021


  1. Shadow From The Sky
  2. Yellow
  3. Crying Like A Lamp
  4. These Days
  5. Tuesday Alabama
  6. Rags
  7. Lightening Strikes My Crown
  8. Sad
  9. Water
  10. Visions Of Clay
  11. Like A Wave
  12. Light As My Fire
  13. Can't Stop Waiting
  14. Blue Dust
  15. Seventeen
  16. What I Want
  17. Daylight
  18. Trouble
  19. The Wrong Hour


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