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Malcolm Pardon - Hello Death


Hello Death by Malcolm Pardon

A dalliance with death inspires an exquisite lockdown album

In a career that began in the 90s, veering from playing in bands to composing music for film and television to bombing the floor with ​Peder Mannerfelt (as Roll the Dice), Malcolm Pardon extends his oeuvre further with a debut solo album. Hello Death is eight plaintive piano productions that celebrate the fragility and darkness of life and the inevitability of death. You get to a certain age where you know you have less time left than time you have spent on Earth he says, and with that realisation, he acknowledges his downhill pose with a tasteful tip of the hat to the reaper.

The concept (if that's even his aim) of symbolising a near death experience through music, after falling into water as a child and realising that death is something to be embraced, is a half sibling to Nitrogen Narcosis by Scuba Death, where both LPs use structures, contrasting textures and tension to depict an ultra vivid scene; in Pardon's case, subtlety is key. A delicate, beautiful statement.

If you only listen to one track

Blood in Water


Loscil, Stars of the Lid, William Basinski


The New Black

Artist website

Malcolm Pardon

Release date

16 Apr 2021


  1. Beneath the Surface
  2. The Blindspot
  3. A Descent
  4. Blood in Water
  5. Unsettled Beginnings
  6. April 13th
  7. End Less Theory
  8. Silent Rumble


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