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Big Yawn - Pressure Acts

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Pressure Acts by Big Yawn

Experimental Pop meets Dub

Australian four-piece Big Yawn, plying their trade in Electronic Pop with a Dub streak (think of labels like Correspondant or Kompakt and you're standing at the correct bus stop) follow last year's No! LP and South Preston Garage mini-album, with a new EP called Pressure Acts, and it delivers six tracks of energetic, left field, hooky Pop. Well worth investigating!

If you only listen to one track



Correspondant (label), Kompakt (label)


Research Records

Release date

29 Oct 2021


  1. Sharehouse Stovetop
  2. Surf Dive n Ski
  3. Ragazzo
  4. Pressure Acts
  5. Precise Packets
  6. T3


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