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Tamburi Neri - Urlo


Urlo by Tamburi Neri

Tribal Techno tension

After a handful of releases, and with a sense of international pizazz, Italian pair Claudio Brioschi and Andrea Barbieri present Urlo, a four track EP with four additional remixes (from Marcel Dettmann) collectively sequenced like a proper album. The originals consolidate the best bits of their previous releases with a signature style of deep and tribal music while the remixes simply work.

More than an intro, the title track hooks you in quick-sharp with its reliable bass chord sequence, underpinned by an emotive yelling sample and Barbieri's sexy, spoken-word vocal, like an alluring door to a deeper passage. And Sognare (translated roughly as 'to dream') manages to maintain the trance-like grip with subtly minimal tribal vibes and a repeating vocal, cut-up like a crazy, drug-fuelled chant round a jungle fire. Barbieri's brief intonation draws a connecting line between the two otherwise disparate track styles.

We jump to Saudi Arabia with Medina and another tasteful tribal jam, spare and comfortable in its skeletal construction, built on dubby folk singing. A spontaneous collaboration in the studio, Hashiru, featuring Japanese vocalist Hiroko (also check Ombre, their album from earlier this year) is easily the highlight of the whole release; it's simply sublime. The wormy 106 BPM rhythm, combined with Hiroko's mesmerising vocal contribution, will leave the listener transfixed, and neatly maintains the tribal sense of flow.

German producer and Berghain resident Dettmann turns in four empathetic remixes, working the key tribal and vocal elements alongside more floor-focused beats. Medina 84 samples the drum pattern of the original and ups the pace to 125 BPM before three increasingly upbeat versions of the title track signal the start of the party; Barbieri's vocal growl continuing to provide the connecting point.

If you only listen to one track

Hashiru feat. Hiroko


O Yuki Conjugate, Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy


Danza Tribale

Artist website

Tamburi Neri

Release date

21 May 2021


  1. Urlo
  2. Sognare
  3. Medina
  4. Hashiru feat. Hiroko
  5. Medina 84 (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
  6. Urlo (Marcel Dettmann Build Up Mix)
  7. Urlo (Marcel Dettmann Mind Mix)
  8. Urlo (Marcel Dettmann Street Mix)


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