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Tag: om unit

Six Tracks #17 - with KaySoul, Franksen / LDB, Nite Fleit and Umwelt, Sara Dziri, bergsonist and Om Unit.

Noted, 04 Mar 2022, 09:10

The Cracks #1

An irregular new series that aims to catch the best music releases that we've not had time to properly celebrate on The Letter, in case they fall through the cracks for good


The Cracks, 19 Feb 2022, 16:33

Fav albums of 2021

The ones that got a lot of listens and I'll most likely be playing this time next year


General, 03 Jan 2022, 18:09

Fav 100 tracks of 2021

Fav 100 tracks of 2021 from Tamburi Neri, Malcolm Pardon, Lunar Orbit Rendezvous, Yann Tiersen, HTRK, Om Unit, Cat Dowling, Sylph, Evil House Party, Low, LNS & DJ Sotofett, Marcus L, nthng, GCOM, Lake Haze, Emika, Bawrut, Vatican Shadow and lots more


General, 27 Dec 2021, 11:16

Compy 47

A new mixtape with a few of the bangers, belters and beauties I've fallen in love with over the last few months

Listen to the mix

Mix, 05 Aug 2021, 09:33

There's some nice work on this Shape Shifting Creatures Of Limbo compilation via UK label Limbo Tapes. Twelve back catalogue remixes from the likes of Om Unit, Eusebeia, Rodney and O$VMV$M.

Downtempo beats and vaporous sonics, sometimes menacing and energetic, other times reflective, tense or playful

Noted, 28 May 2021, 08:46

Best tracks of 2013

Includes New Energy (Live Through It) by Daniel Avery, Satellite by Debukas, Siamese Twins By Choice by Eating Snow and lots more


General, 19 Dec 2013, 09:00


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