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Penelope Trappes - Heavenly Spheres

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Heavenly Spheres by Penelope Trappes

Tape hiss, disembodied voices and delicate piano figures

Some call it ‘sound art’, others a ‘work of evolution and deconstruction’, both perfectly apt descriptions for the more Ambient-leaning composition Trappes has been producing since her Mother's Blood remix album (in contrast to her song-driven, numerically titled albums). In saying that, Heavenly Spheres presents eight tracks that utilise her voice (as instrument) along with an upright piano and an old German reel-to-reel tape deck. Songwriting, but not as we know it.

If you only listen to one track

A Seagull Learns To Sleep Alone




Nite Hive

Artist website

Penelope Trappes

Release date

14 Apr 2023


  1. The Bitterness Of Parting
  2. Away From Tidal Waves
  3. Voices that Will Not Be Drowned
  4. Heavenly Spheres
  5. A Seagull Learns To Sleep Alone
  6. Entangled
  7. The Lapse Of Months And Days
  8. Pearl


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