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Steve Rachmad - The Beauty and The Sea

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The Beauty and The Sea by Steve Rachmad

A stunning dispatch from the Techno stalwart for a praiseworthy project

I've somehow overlooked this collaborative series until now: The Outlaw Ocean Music Project combines the words and sound recordings of celebrated writer Ian Urbina with the music of artists working in various genres from Electronic and Ambient to Classical and Hip Hop.

You don't hear too much from him these days, but Techno stalwart Steve Rachmad has produced the latest installment in the series with a superb eight track, 37 minute album called The Beauty and The Sea. And if you're only familiar with his Secret Life Of Machines album, then be prepared to fall in love with his work all over again, as he pushes himself to new creative limits - clearly an approach to production he has savoured.

Previous contributions include Appleblim, Christopher Willits, Aril Brikha, Steven Rutter and Vince Watson.

If you only listen to one track

More Hope and More Optimism


Tevo Howard, Vince Watson, Aril Brikha


The Outlaw Ocean Music Project

Artist website

Steve Rachmad

Release date

09 Oct 2020


  1. In Peaceful Protest part I
  2. Theme for The Outlaw Ocean
  3. The Seas and the Worlds Oceans
  4. The Beauty and the Sea
  5. In Peaceful Protest part II
  6. Hope and Optimism
  7. In Peaceful Protest part III
  8. More Hope and More Optimism


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