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Jupiter Jax - No Such Thing

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No Such Thing by Jupiter Jax

Welcome to House of the Maltese Magician

When I reviewed Rudi Agius' debut album Visions I was certain we were listening to a man who understood how to make music. My issue was he wore his influences emblazoned on his sleeve. As a result I felt that we were yet to hear something that truly belonged to him. Five years later, No Such Thing is just that thing. Twelve smooth tracks that would fit nicely onto a C45 tape, brimming with funky House vibes, sprinkled with elements of Jazz and melodies that uplift and soothe. Get onto this ASAP if you've been remiss.

If you only listen to one track

No Such Thing pt. 1


Policy, James Booth


100% Silk

Artist website

Jupiter Jax

Release date

18 Sep 2020


  1. Solar Witnesses
  2. When I Saw You
  3. No Such Thing pt. 1
  4. No Such Thing pt. 2
  5. Moods No Grooves
  6. Things Left Unsaid
  7. Moonless Tides
  8. Moral Dilemmas
  9. Breathing You Out
  10. Limbo Skies
  11. Solace
  12. The Earth From Above


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