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Scuba - Digital Underground


Digital Underground by Scuba

Memories of the rave

One may argue that a collection of tracks by one person isn't strictly a mixtape, even if Space Afrika and Joy Orbison did it already. But Paul Rose, aka Scuba, joins this exclusive group with Digital Underground, a twelve track album that revisits the foggy days of Rave with all the Jungle traits, 2-step, rolling piano loops, hoovers, wobbles, uplifting female refrains and even some tasteful chipmunks. The tracks are mixed though and the massive energy that comes from the breakneck flow lends proceedings a distinct mixtape vibe. What we don't get though is nostalgia; it's too polished, too knowing. Who cares though, it's rather good.

If you only listen to one track



Hotflush Recordings

Artist website


Release date

10 Nov 2023


  1. Tru Love
  2. Mr Anderson
  3. Nowot
  4. E-mosh
  5. Pls
  6. Disrepute
  7. Safety Traxx
  8. Move Like Shadows
  9. Zap!
  10. Feel The Same
  11. Room With A View
  12. Yesterday


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