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Naan Boys - It's a Love Song


It's a Love Song by Naan Boys

Fine-dining Techno sustenance

Following their 2016 Parabel debut EP, The Great Wisdom of D, Swedish Naan Boys (who have now dropped the 'Swedish' element of their name, instead just running with Naan Boys, which is infinitely better) are back with a long player of all-frills Techno. The duo, comprising veterans Jesper Dahlbäck and Nima Khak, have been collaborating since 2014's Interstellar EP on 1:53.2, and over the course of five EPs, have developed a well-bred working intimacy.

Over the breadth of fifteen tracks, trading in various forms of ~130 BPM, they successfully incorporate all aspects of the Techno template while largely avoiding cliche or indifference. A methodical progression across the 75 minute play time, going from pleasant intro Sun-kissed through a series of ice cold rhythm tracks that slowly transform with warm synth sounds and percussion, noticeably pivoting around Coming Over. From Glory Hours we've turned a corner and the vibes continue to warm. The nine minute monster Nandok in particular proves to be a delightful slow-burner.

Collaboration helps temper extremes and in the case of It's a Love Song, while Techno boundaries remain unbroken, we have an album that delivers no shortage of fine-dining Techno sustenance.

If you only listen to one track




Release date

10 Nov 2023


  1. Sun-kissed
  2. Surgical
  3. Seeking
  4. Dynamo
  5. Flashback
  6. Coming Over
  7. Glory Hours
  8. Sorry, Not Sorry
  9. Pendulum
  10. Nandok
  11. It's A Love Song


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