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Om Unit - Fragments

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Fragments by Om Unit

Fragments of Dub and Breaks

Over the years Jim Coles has comfortably turned his hand to the tastiest of musical pursuits, from Footwork (as Philip D Kick) and Acid to Techno and IDM. Throw in all the vocal tracks, collaborations and remixes and you have one hell of a vast and varied catalogue, all neatly threaded together with Bass. On new album Fragments we have seven recent studio jams that explore Dub and Breaks (along with a remix of Citrus by Mr Ho). It's a heads-down, no-frills affair, perfect for DJs.

If you only listen to one track

Citrus (Mr Ho remix)


Self released

Artist website

Om Unit

Release date

05 Apr 2024


  1. Snagged
  2. Citrus
  3. Moonglade
  4. Entity
  5. Citrus (Mr Ho remix)
  6. Amber (Pt.2)
  7. Hard Skin
  8. Side Quest


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