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Johanna Elina Sulkunen - Terra


Terra by Johanna Elina Sulkunen

Experimental and acoustic music with an Ambient and Jazz vibe

Finnish vocalist Johanna Elina Sulkunen makes music with her voice as the primary instrument (in song, spoken word and sampling). Composed round Zen Buddhist koan texts, new album Terra is a largely sombre and melancholic affair, particularly where the non-vocal elements come to the fore, like the stark, jazzy strings on IX Soil. As with all balanced albums though, liberal measures of sweet and sour help to elevate the music out of the gloom and into the light.

Terra is the second in a series of three albums.

If you only listen to one track

XI Human Antitouch


Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Baraboro, CLARE



Artist website

Johanna Elina Sulkunen

Release date

30 Nov 2021


  1. VIII Layers
  2. IX Soil
  3. X Hiemal
  4. XI Human Antitouch
  5. XII Counting of Days
  6. XIII The Earth
  7. XIV Terra


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