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Tobias. - Hall ov Fame


Hall ov Fame by Tobias.

Not just another imaginary soundtrack to a non-existent film

With a track record stretching back to the early eighties, it's fair to say that Tobias Freund is seen as a seminal figure in the electronic scene, producing under various monikers and collaborating with a range of celebrated artists including Atom™, Neel, Max Loderbauer (as NSI.) and Ricardo Villalobos (as Odd Machine). While he's presented work in various shades of Dub, Ambient, Electro and Techno (always striving for that je ne sais quoi) his tendency to experiment and push boundaries has meant his reputation touches everything from the club to avant-garde. New album Hall ov Fame marries the beat-less world of Ambient with the Experimental world of audial aesthetics.

Based on the idea of a score for a non-existent film (I have movies in my head) Freund presents 41 minutes of spooky sound design intended to foster visceral visions of drama and narrative (think of it as one of those arty films you'd see at a film festival). Clever samples and lots of studio production trickery facilitate the premise of storytelling, bringing focus to scenes at key points and encouraging a sense of involvement. It's undeniably cinematic in execution. And as with most of his work, the attention to detail is granular and the production levels are immense. There's a lot to admire. Perhaps he should try his hand at a real film score?

If you only listen to one track



Jakob Schauer, Hannu Karjalainen


Concentric Records

Artist website


Release date

26 Nov 2021


  1. Repetition
  2. Silhouettes
  3. Zenith
  4. Abandoned
  5. Reset Button
  6. Grim
  7. The Mirror Blind
  8. Hinterland


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