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David Löhlein - Via Taya

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Via Taya by David Löhlein

Deep, intense and sexy Techno

If Jamie Jones made Techno it would sound like this. Via Taya is the debut album from German DJ and producer David Löhlein, and follows a string of reputation-building EPs designed for the floor—notably last year's Seyla EP on Setoac Mass's SK_eleven label.

While satisfying most big room asks, the music on this eight-tracker booms and thumps, reverberating through your body like you've just come from a full body massage, feeling pampered and energised and, as a result, elevates it beyond base clubbing fare, i.e. this is music for the head and feet. For example, the manipulated vocal snippet on Dawning or the contributions from Fabian Wegmeth, Rove Ranger and Symon on Kushva would work anywhere. Cobra (featuring Any Mello) combines streaks of Acid with Mello's sexy vocals to great effect. My fav is Lost In The Lights (feat. Crimson Sky) which is a pleasant form of Techno Pop, not unlike Gus Gus.

Great attention to detail throughout with high production values. Released on his own Vision Ekstase label.

If you only listen to one track

Lost In The Lights (feat. Crimson Sky)


Gus Gus, Chris Liebing


Vision Ekstase

Artist website

David Löhlein

Release date

11 Nov 2021


  1. Atrevida
  2. Dawning
  3. Via Taya
  4. Cobra (feat. Any Mello)
  5. Athena
  6. Kushva (feat. Fabian Wegmeth, Rove Ranger, Symon)
  7. Lost In The Lights (feat. Crimson Sky)
  8. Lijana


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