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Jet Jaguar - Epiphytes


Epiphytes by Jet Jaguar

Where ambient and electronic paths cross

The tenth(!) Jet Jaguar album from New Zealand artist Michael Upton. Similar in construction to the textured, Ambient style of music he makes with Shanan Holm as Tonkyn Pearson, stacking layers of samples and field recordings to form a dense sound that envelops the listener, Epiphytes sees Upton again carefully layering sounds but in a more restrained manner (less texture) by bringing instrumentation and percussion into the mix, resulting in a warm, organic vibe that borders electronica. Rhythms abound, sans drum machine, while an unexpected groove on Epiphyte transforms what is essentially gentle instrumental music into something revitalising and charming.

If you only listen to one track

Not On The Cards Anymore


Sound as Language

Artist website

Jet Jaguar

Release date

18 Sep 2023


  1. Crackle
  2. Grading Honey
  3. No Smooth Planes
  4. Not On The Cards Anymore
  5. Epiphyte
  6. Counting On Something (Ft. Dimitar Dodovski)
  7. Soft Orange
  8. Chorus Petals
  9. Crossing
  10. Moths




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