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Tag: ambient

The Cracks #3

Quick, check out these recent releases from Orca, Attack!, Halosar, Mick Woods, Curses, Graintable, Orfeón Gagarin, The Nameless Book and Carmen Villain before they slip through


The Cracks, 01 May 2022, 17:15

Hannah Peel and Paraorchestra - The Unfolding

Title track from forthcoming album The Unfolding, due for releases on 1st April on Real World Records.

Tune, 23 Feb 2022, 19:29

Felisha Ledesma - 2am

Although 2am came out a year ago it's an absolute beast of a track and well worth sharing. Forming the second half of her debut album, Sweet Hour, the 20 minute opus was composed with her own hand-built synthesiser (called AMQR). The result is a warm and organic Ambient composition that fidgets, settles and expands.

I heard the track in Chris SSG's ASIP mix.

Tune, 08 Feb 2022, 07:57

isolatedmix 115 - beautiful Ambient mix from HVL for A Strangely Isolated Place

Noted, 31 Dec 2021, 14:32

Vivian Koch has produced a memorable mix for the Ilian Tape podcast series - starts off Ambient and ends with a few Hip-Hop tunes. Rather good too!

Noted, 01 Dec 2021, 18:55

Sonae - La Nuit

Ambient Acid anyone? La Nuit is a rather unique-sounding track from the German musician Sonia Güttler, aka Sonae. Taken from her fifth album Summer (out now on LAAPS) it scratches a path from tenebrous Ambient to a surprisingly funky Acid line before a gentle wash of white noise laps ashore once again.

The whole album's a heavily textured selection of experimental works built on a glitchy, broken Techno foundation.

Tune, 19 Oct 2021, 19:25

Compy 48

Four meandering, transportive tracks

Listen to the mix

Mix, 14 Oct 2021, 09:24

Chris SSG has joined the ranks of Substackers with his take on Ambient.

Noted, 06 Oct 2021, 09:15


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