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Tag: ambient

As always at this time of year, there's a deluge of music recommendations to catch-up with (I'm putting together a list of the best bits I missed - watch this space). One quick recommendation is Harvest Moon, a rather pleasant Ambient mix from Philip Sherburne which is well worth a listen.

Noted, 08 Jan 2021, 14:35

Ambient 2020 - my fav electronic music

2020's downtempo music that gave me refuge

Listen to the mix

Mix, 01 Jan 2021, 15:54

Max Cooper - Out of Body

Two and half hours of blissful Ambient music, from Max Richter, Starts of the Lid, Christopher Willits, Rafeal Anton Irisarri, Loscil, Steve Hauschildt, Bing and Ruth and many more, including some unreleased tracks from Max Cooper himself!

Listen to the mix

Mix, 30 Dec 2020, 17:52

Len Faki - The 'Monday Is OK' Mix

The big-room Techno DJ turns in a surprisingly downtempo selection for Ransom Note

Listen to the mix

Mix, 17 Nov 2020, 16:59

Ana Roxanne - Take the Thorn, Leave the Rose

My fav from the new Ana Roxanne album perfectly encapsulates the whole: heavenly!

A fine companion piece to the recent Mary Lattimore album.

Tune, 16 Nov 2020, 18:49

Biosphere has just announced a new album called Angel's Flight, due for release in 22nd January 2021.

It features twelve tracks based on Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 14 that deftly tread the peripheries of classical and electronic composition.

Much of the music was initially composed for Uncoordinated Dog, a dance production by the Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt in 2019 that explored the personal, the ambiguous, exposure and beauty – which gives you a sense of what the album holds.

Noted, 11 Nov 2020, 09:57

Been enjoying the new album from Josh Werner called Mode for Titan. It's a captivating Ambient and Dub crossover with Werner on his bass guitar. Worth investigating.

Noted, 05 Nov 2020, 21:23

Orphan Fairytale - Titania

Harpist Eva Van Deuren turns her capable hands to an EP of experimental Ambient called Titania Moon. Third track, eleven minute magnum opus Titania, is my fav, with its cosmic fireworks and theatrical vibe.

If you're interested in hearing some of her harp work, she also just released the Tune In Tree Ears EP.

Tune, 02 Nov 2020, 17:13

Moonilena - Continuity #6

Tasteful Ambient selections in this Retreat Radio podcast

Listen to the mix

Mix, 30 Oct 2020, 10:01

Kangding Ray - Sun

Immerse yourself in the beautifully sublime ambience of Kangding Ray's Sun, taken from his 61 Mirrors concept album.

Tune, 22 Sep 2020, 15:03

Jordan GCZ - minimal detroit vol. 022

Lovely cosmic vibes on this downtempo mix from Jordan GCZ

Listen to the mix

Mix, 01 Sep 2020, 15:55

Konduku - Cipres

Dutch producer Konduku showcases sublime Ambient Acid on Cipres, the opening track from his upcoming EP Mantis 03 on Delsin.

Tune, 13 Aug 2020, 15:43

Ambient Meditations Vol 9 By Hugar

Two hours of fine Ambient and Classical music

Listen to the mix

Mix, 17 Jul 2020, 18:31

Tom Middleton - isolatedmix 100

A fitting installment for one of the finest mix series, celebrating the 100th issue with Tom Middleton

Listen to the mix

Mix, 05 Jul 2020, 14:12

Espinoza Espinoza - pCR50

Dangerous instrumental music in a black cape. Espinoza Espinoza are a Spanish outfit exploring the darker side of Ambient music, built on throbbing feedback, Punk percussion and rousing emotion. Opening track pCR50 from their new release FUN1R4 is monumentally moving. Out now on Formes Diverses de Vida.

Tune, 28 Jun 2020, 18:35


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