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Tag: jet jaguar

Here's Six Tracks #42 featuring half a dozen moody and melancholy tracks. First up is a taster from the upcoming debut album from Anagrams (JD Walsh fellow Atlanta multi-instrumentalist Jeff Crompton) on Philip Sherburne and Albert Salinas's Balmat label. They trade in nice jazzy electronic vibes, which is suitably juxtaposed with Mother I Couldn't Sleep, by Saint Abdullah & Eomac, and features the dulcet tones of Aquiles Navarro's trumpet. The organic instrumentation and percussion from Jet Jaguar provokes in all the right ways before the monumental new track from Oneohtrix Point Never, A Barely Lit Path, will leave you awe inspired. The album this track is lifted from is called Again and it's out on Friday this week. Caterina Barbieri reworked her 2019 track Fantas (based on the concept of witnessing the birth and death of a celestial star) and Perennial Fantas is the breathtaking result. And from his recent album Memory Tapes, Vladimir Karpov, aka x.y.r. closes out the set with a delightfully lightweight meditation on memory and "rose-colored remembrance".

Noted, 27 Sep 2023, 17:07


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