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Enyang Ha - 1997

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1997 by Enyang Ha

Body music... literally!

In the making since 2019, here's three tracks from emerging Korean producer Enyang Ha that use samples captured from her body's movements and functions:

Through the digitisation of her body she is able to transform the sound of her pelvis into a baseline, quite literally making the core of her physical body the foundation of her musical form. In the same way the snapping of an ear become high hats, or an elbow becomes a textured sound hidden in the composition of the track. By metabolising the sounds of her body she is able to build these tracks organically

Even without knowing this provocative fact, the music stands up well on its own. Biographical in content, the music explores the artist's trans global upbringing through a form of emotive electronic music, singing (in her native Korean on the title track) with a bass-heavy rhythm that leans to the right side of Pop.

If you only listen to one track

Safe Nation


Park Hye Jin, Nene H, Yaeji


System Records

Artist website

Enyang Ha

Release date

03 Dec 2021


  1. 1997
  2. Safe Nation
  3. Kitten Play


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