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Pop 2020 - my fav electronic music

A mixtape-style showcase of the Pop-veering music I loved in 2020

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Mix, 03 Jan 2021, 17:41

Sufjan Stevens - America

Closing track from Stevens' new album The Ascension is the powerful statement: America.

Tune, 05 Nov 2020, 09:49

Everything Shook - Horror Show

Just in time for Halloween, new single Horror Show is the follow-up to the excellent Stand Ajar from Irish trio Everything Shook. Scary!


Tune, 30 Oct 2020, 08:21

Il Quadro di Troisi - Raggio verde

As Il Quadro di Troisi, Andrea Noce (Eva Geist) and Donato Scaramuzzi (Donato Dozzy) have teamed up to make a delightful electronic Pop album, with hints of Suzanne Vega and Carla dal Forno. It's challenging to pick a highlight from the self-titled album, as all nine tracks are simply superb, but Raggio verde has a certain eighties bent, which appeals to a man of my age.

Noted, 29 Oct 2020, 08:02

Two Tribes - Cruel Sensuality

Cruel Sensuality: rousing Electronic Pop from London-based trio Two Tribes.

Tune, 22 Oct 2020, 08:09

HAAi - Head Above The Parakeets

Fusing an electronic Pop sensibility with madcap drums and treated vocals, the hazy vibe that emerges is like a drug-induced state. Put Your Head Above The Parakeets is the lead track from HAAi’s forthcoming four-track EP, out on 12” and digitally on 11 September 2020.

Tune, 25 Jul 2020, 12:15

A few good tunes Vol 45

Nine great tunes to zing your buds!

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Mix, 31 Jan 2019, 08:42

Cyborg 95 podcast for Lobster Theremin

Shadowy producer steps further into the light

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Mix, 08 Jan 2019, 08:04

Trentemoller - Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02

The Danish musician returns with a second Harbour Boat Trips compilation


General, 12 Dec 2018, 09:22

A few good tunes Vol 36

A few (mostly new) tunes worth checking out

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Mix, 15 Mar 2018, 15:44

New Xenia album Riss incoming

Xenia Beliayeva delivers her second album in March


General, 18 Jan 2018, 09:04

May Roosevelt - Junea

The Greek thereminist blends Pop motifs with sharp beats and sweet melody


General, 27 Nov 2017, 08:13

A few good tunes Vol 24

A selection of the finest Electronic Pop around at the moment

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Mix, 21 Mar 2017, 15:37

A few good tunes Vol 23

A few crackers you need to check out at your earliest convenience, inlcudes nthng, Joe Goddard, Ghost Culture and Ulwhednar

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Mix, 17 Feb 2017, 19:03

Black Marble - It's Immaterial

Lo-fi electronic pop on Ghostly


General, 26 Jan 2017, 17:52

Fav Music of 2016

My favourite albums and EPs released in 2016


General, 27 Dec 2016, 15:54

A few good tunes Vol 16

Six tracks of electronic downbeat bliss

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Mix, 31 Aug 2016, 15:43

A few good tunes Vol 15

Some tunes that need listened to right away

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Mix, 10 Aug 2016, 14:15


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