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Violet Mist - Cyberwave

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Cyberwave by Violet Mist

Futuristic synthwave

Subexotic have been on a roll recently with several releases really hitting my spot. This third album from Joseph Kindred (aka Jozef K) under his dystopian, synthwave guise Violet Mist, is one of them. Bubbling under for its 35 minute play time, the hypnotic impact is achieved through Downtempo instrumentals, even when the rhythms on some tracks (like Precipice 2096 or Data Modelling) spike. The vibe is dark throughout but never malevolent and while the synths carry a debt to the 80s, a futuristic vision prevails.

If you only listen to one track

Killing In The Age Of The Algorithm (Orginal Hardware Version)


Biosphere, loscil, Steve Hauschildt


Subexotic Records

Artist website

Violet Mist

Release date

10 Jun 2022


  1. Cyberlove
  2. Further Truth
  3. Ultraviolence (Cyberversion)
  4. Invitation
  5. Precipice 2096
  6. Ultrazukunft (Cyberversion)
  7. Data Modelling
  8. Killing In The Age Of The Algorithm (2096 Cyberversion)
  9. Reaching
  10. Killing In The Age Of The Algorithm (Orginal Hardware Version)


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