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Empath - Music for Hypnagogia

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Music for Hypnagogia by Empath

A soundtrack for the subconsious

Hypnagogia is the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep but this moody 44 minute album by Mikko Ihalainen, aka Empath, is not intended as a companion piece to that vulnerable period where you rest your senses and lose consciousness. Instead it's like a reflection of the events that occur in your head during the onset of sleep: the sound of your brain making sense of the day's experiences, permanently storing events to memory. On Music for Hypnagogia this process manifests as muffled sounds, soaring synths and subdued melody through lingering and soothing drones. Although it's a reasonably Downtempo affair, it's not an aid to sleep.

If you only listen to one track

Ghost of the Christmas Past


Aleksi Myllykoski, Biosphere


Signature Dark

Release date

17 Jun 2022


  1. Teurgia
  2. Ghost of the Christmas Past
  3. Dreamlink
  4. Skraeling
  5. Absoluuti
  6. Madame of D'Esperance


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